Monday, January 14, 2008

Golden State: 106 Indiana: 101

Scary Game. The Warriors were down by 17 at some stage. Surprisngly Dunleavy was playing much better partly in fact because of the presence of Jermaine o Neal. Combined with a ice cold shooting precentage and O Neal blocking shot after shot and Golden State looked down and out as they trailed to an embarassing 1st quarter deficit of 34-19.


I'll get to the positives in a moment but tonight even against a team 5 games under500 it was an extremely slow start by the Warriors. Maybe it was the sooner start of 6.00 that made them so rusty but it was discouraging to see how a comfortable lead against Memphis was quickly forgotten when Indiana shot the lights out in the 1st quarter. Biedrins went down hard by the looks of it and couldn't make his normal impact but Croshere put some solid minutes. Jermaine showed the fans that when Austin was a Pacer he must have been used to have been scored on such was the regularity Jermaine achieved. I always thought playing against your former team could be akward and while Dunleavy did his best to dispell the motion Jackson was horrible. His 42 minutes even with the flu bug made the games this close. Harrington like Jackson was a non factor having every shot stuffed by O neal. Did Jermaine do this regulary against these guys in practice.? Did I miss something thats right the shooting 8-33 from downtown(24.2%) 16-28(57.1%) from the Charity Stripe. Enough said.

Highlights of the W

Now the postives. Boy were they numerous. To stsart off with Monta even though he was playing well a cheap shot elbow from Tisley could have changed everything. Monta got more fired up and displayed some of the passion missing in the 1st quarter. His dunk on Dunleavy also put the game down as a major turning point because the crowd started getting louder mostly reserving the noise for the booes of Dunleavy. Jackson had to say this.

Last year, a lot of times, Monta kept his head down after something like that," said Jackson, who had just nine points on 4-of-15 shooting while battling a flu bug. "If you knocked him down, he wouldn't always get up as fast. Now, you can't keep him down."

But enough of the Warriors chat. Dunleavy over the last few years is the most despised Warrior possibly ever. Unlike the NBA player mantra of working hard in the offseason Dunleavy never worked to become a better shooter then 26% , never became a better Rebounder and let his game go to waste. I've always liked Troy Murphy more if only because at least he hustled and became a solid nothing special big man. The last two seasons he's been firmly stuck on the bench even though he's a better Rebounder and scorer then Dunleavy. Him and O Neal would make an interesting partnership becuase Murphy wouldn't be exposed as much on Defense as Dunleavy was.

Play some D!

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So far Golden State have win two winnable games. With the Hornets and Lakers refusing to lose every single win counts which is why the road trip coming up is one of the most important of the season

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