Monday, January 21, 2008

Golden State V Minnesota Preview


Well we're playing the T-wolves for the 500th time tonight (actually the 4th). Coming off a 3-1 road trip still puts at 8th in the West barely ahead of the surging Trailblazers. Even though yet again we face the worst team in the League tonight although it should be a W it's guranteed not to be easy. The December 26th game ended up in just a four point Golden State victory whilst the next month the T-Wolves gave the Warriors a game and lost by 7 . Hopefully with the next game not being until Thursday Baron and Jackson get significant rest because after the bench stepping it up against the Bucks especially Kosta you can't ask for much more. Sprinkle it around though because seeing Baron and Kosta or Wright and Jackson helps increase the youngsters exposure to what Basketball is all about.

Walker has 2 3's
Jefferson has a Monstar double double
Kosta plays 10 minutes
Warriors by 15 and complete the sweep


Marc said...

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Kyle W said...

Thanks I decided to do that and use Blog Carnival as well that looks a good way for getting more hits