Saturday, January 12, 2008

Warriors wave DJ Mbenga and interested in the glove?

A piece of old news I should have stuck in the Game summary post but good news arrives in the form of DJ Mbenga being waived to make room for a future NBDL player. As Jenny Hu of the SF Gate reports

Mbenga appeared in 16 games for the Warriors, averaging 1.2 points and 1.9 rebounds in 8.9 minutes per contest

Even though his lack of any offensive skills made the odd fan wonder how he's lasted this long in the NBA his willingness to hustle plus his size made his slightly stand out. From a move stand point I've always wondered why Lasme wasn't considered a better option because his shotblocking skills something we desperately need on Defense . I wish him the best of luck however on whatever team he lands on and hope the next Warrior Killer doesn't suddenly become him.

The SF Gate also reports about an interest in Gary Payton seemingly bringing back the hoops legend from the bay about possibly finishing his career in Oaktown.

The Warriors are looking to improve their team's passing and all-around savvy, and one option is signing Oakland native Gary Payton out of retirement to play for his hometown team.

Though questions surround Payton, 39, who hasn't played since last season, sources say there has been enough mutual interest on both sides to merit recent conservations, and Mullin didn't exactly dismiss the possibility.

"I mean, again, there's a lot of different scenarios we're going to look at, probably more guards than bigs and swings," Mullin said when asked directly about Payton.

Payton's agent, Aaron Goodwin, declined to comment.

Though the negotiations will obviously be delayed because of the CJ Watson 10 day contract it looks like a strong possibility the Glove could finish his career here. A few links to reminisce about the east Bay Baller
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If the glove don't fit don't wear it

Despite the audulation he's received as I said previously the idea of a 39 year old PG trying to run in a system of Nellieball would be hard to digest. I would honestly see what more this CJ kid has to offer rather then take a chance on a 39 year old who hasn't played since Miami's 2006 Championship win. Naturally with Paytons declining ability why not take a shot at a more compeptive price then what Payton wants. Carlos Arroyo, Kenyon Dooling, Jason Williams, and Smush Parker would easily be a better option. Watson has much more upside and is a decade younger. Besides any person that can't beat out Chris Quinn, Jason Williams, or Smush Parker or Daquan Cook for the starting PG spot in Miami probably can't do it in a more uptempo system

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