Sunday, January 20, 2008

Golden State: 119 Milwaukee:99


Coming off a national TV comeback against the Bulls to a anticipated victory over the Bucks the one draw back fans had about the trip to Brewtown was the starters played way too many minutes and fresh legs would be hard to come by. Not to worry as the combination of the Bucks awfulness and a strong performance made this a rare easy night. While it's a nice victory it came against a team that by the looks of it are guranteed to have a 10 year playoff drought such are the horrendous contracts e.g Bobby simmons and Michael Redd. It's hard to see this team making the playoffs any soon.

The 2nd Half was a no contest event especially when Golden State outscored the Bucks 41-22 but their was a bit of spica added to this game when Keith Smart was adjudged to have been watching the Adult channel therefore explaining his move to make Pietrus active and then inactive putting Barnes out of the equation. Nelson covered up the embarrasisng error by quoting

Actually, Keith Smart left him off because he was watching the adult movie channel when he should have been concentrating on drawing up the roster. So we're going to take that privilege away from him for the rest of the year -- no more adult movies for Keith Smart.

The bench because of the starters minutes last minute got significant time from Kosta Perovic and POB both who weren't expected to make any sort of imapct this season. However POB displayed the raw potential most fans know Biedrins is capable off but doesn't show it. He has much more athletiscm and talent then Biedrins but crucially he doesn't have the hungerto develop his game even further. That Sky hook he hit over Bogut plus the fact bogut had three turnvovers means he has the game to compete.

Kosta Perovic also came back from the D-League and muck like POB fans were left wondering where did this guy come from. One of the problems with Nelsons coaching history is he's never developed a true big man but right now he's got two. The swat on Bogut meant he was never intimdated and he provided four points and six boards. Once Marco and B-wright entered the game neither lived up to the billing Kosta and POB left as a legacy. Marco hasn't provided any spark and should be in the D-League had it not been his refusal but Brandon wright is dissapointing not just because we gave up a franchise hero for him but because he's fallen below Kosta and POB in the depth chart. Anyone even anticipate that.?

Jackson even though his shooting stats have gone aol he concentrated more on getting his teamamtes involved something you like to see from your Captain. Indeed the 3rd quarter was a rare thing of beauty much like the Chicago game the offense played flawlessy esepcially Harrington coming back from the Bulls struggles on national TV to post up stats like hitting 50% of his 3's and going 10-17 overall with 27 points. Whats all this trade talk about?

Baron was simply Baron and one of those rare nights he could take it down a notch. Still 19 points hit 5 of his free throws, and dished out 8 assists proved even Baron at his half best is still a beast.

Why are the Bucks in this situation.?. Part of the problem is a blind faith in Andrew Bogut first pick of the 2005 draft in hoping he would be their next Big Center. He did put up a nice double double statline of 21 and 10 but a lot of his shots were forced. Yi looks the same although he only took 7 shots. I can't also believe that Michael Redd a guy who plays great against international competition with the Dream Team disappeared in the 2nd Half looking out of shape. This is a team that at the moment is going nowhere. Nice win for Golden State though

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