Sunday, March 30, 2008

Denver: 119 Golden State:112

What kind of team are we, Where is the sense of urgency that led us to that 16-5 streak last season? and lastly why in the most testing of circumstances when we were underdogs (something the Warriors thrive on) did we back down so easily. With every game brings a new set of questions.


Every picture tells a story

If it's not obvious by now then the Denver game shows our Defense is at a crisis point . I lost count of how many times Camby or J.R Smith managed to get into the paint and throw it down with authority because we had no interior pressence. Even when the dunk wasn't available the amount of second chance boards and points were constantly gobbled up. Ignoring the defensive showing credit to the Nuggets roster for stepping up. It's natural when opponents focus on Iverson and Anthony but when players like K-Mart step up to account for Iversons 4-20 shooting then thats half the battle won. J.R Smith also had the hot hand including making a big 1st quarter buzzer beater shot, Carmelo looked like the Webber of past years and Iverson despite his horrendous shooting was still showing his quickness. Aside from the lackluster Defense which gave the Nuggets the lead most of the way it was a decent performance.

Jackson really bought his game tonight. he shot 4 for 7 from downtown and every time one dropped him it seemed to slow the momentum down on a Nuggets run. Despite the risky nature of his shot selection Baron still makes them with a 28 point game. After all these years thats what makes Baron Davis. Only Kobe can rival him as best bad shot maker in the League. Monta Ellis brought in 22 points, 7 boards and 6 assists while Biedrins had 17 points and a incredible 17 rebounds. These efforts combined actually regained the lead in the 3rd quarter but in the 4th Lead change after lead change, bucket after bucket and in the blink of an eye Denver's up by 12 with J.R smith and Najera hitting big shots.

Certified Warrior killer

Unfortunately there's no time to sit around and think about this loss throughly. Dallas sit around the corner. Only then do we know if we're true playoff contenders or not

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