Saturday, March 1, 2008

Golden State: 119 Philadelphia:97

Put this down as a rare blowout. On a night where our Star PG didn't get anything going it was down to several role players to make this our first comprehensive blowout since J-Rich's return. Often the mediocreness of eastern Conference opponents allows the Warriors to play up to the same level and in ome cases lose. Not tonight however.

The Wright Stuff

Wright The Warriors pretty much had the game decided at the half scoring 67 points to the Sixers 52. Part of the reason for the 1st half implosion was our Brandon Wright. In just a short amount of time Biedrins injury has proved to be a blessing in disguise. The warriors started the game off with a 11-2 run Wright trying to prove maybe the Richardson trade was benficial after all. He needs another year to develop pretty no game inside or outside the obvious lack of a attribute but he can knock down a few jumpers or hook shots here or there. I think the most important note is we saw Wright get some game experience. If you had told me that a month or even a few weeks ago I would have laughed

Defense But lets ignore the Sixers scoring below 100 points the Warriors defense was futile tonight. When Andre Miller is getting by you and driving in the lane then you know your just not playing good D. Far too often Dalembert or Igodula flushed it down with a highkight dunk due to Monta or baron not shuffling their feet quick enough. Fortunately this lazy D was against Philly. I very much doubt Portland won't capitalize.

Production Fortunately all the open shots Philly had were bricked and as expected Golden State took full advantage. Jackson went for 21 points and took full advantage of when matching up against smaller Andre Miller and Louis Williams. The bench production was the finest all season with 53 pts and 19 rebounds. Not often I put Pietrus and playing well in the same sentence but I'm afraid tonight is an exception.

Pietrus actually played a major part in winning the game. The very player who strongly wanted to play in South Beach actually played motivated tonight doing what every fan expected and desired this 13th overall pick to do. He gathered up blocks, steals, rebounds and attacked the rim -- either off the dribble or cutting there for an easy two. The most notable stat was 7-7 from the floor. On a night where Baron had a shooting stat fondly forgotten how pleasurable was it to see Air France step up.

Croshere Injuries barring pencil him down for an important part of our rotation.Like Nelson probably envisaged his job is to come in and get the crowd going whenever the Dubs play sloppy. Tonight once again I found myself rooting for a cheap pickup who hustles on defense and hits a few buckets a game. His roar to the crowd after a dunk was missing tonight but like Wright he's becoming a more important part of our rotation.

Webber In contrast although he had a decent game thanks Jim O Brien I remain to be convinced he can make any sort of decent contribution. His passing was off and as expected because of his age he lacked any sort of energy. Although perhaps it was the ungodly hour I watched this game that did the trick. With his experience throughout the NBA maybe Webber could provide the role of mentor for Wright. On a sidenote happy 35th birthday Webber.!

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