Sunday, March 2, 2008

Warriors interested in Jeff McInnis?

The Warriors failed to make any dealings during the NBA trade deadline but as the Charlotte Observer reports a recently cut Bobcat has attracted the interest of the Dubs

Jeff] McInnis, a 10-year veteran, started 26 of 54 games, averaging 26 minutes. His agent, Steve Kauffman, told the Observer McInnis left with no hard feelings.

"In the end somebody had to make a decision and Sam and Rod (Higgins, the Bobcats general manager) were very fair with Jeff," Kauffman said.

Kauffman wouldn't discuss possible destinations for McInnis, but two informed sources say Dallas and Golden State might have interest.

As moves go this is essentially a meaningless one yet Mcinniss has a long running reputation of having attributes no one likes poor shooting, questionable D, and rumored bad attitude. Hopefully Mullin will realise the lack of sense with this move and stick with CJ or if not go after Payton.The main interest is where does the Roster move to make this happen come in

Patrick O Bryant Might not even be a Warrior in 3 months so it seems premature talking about his departure but his constant fouling means Nellie could want to see him leave earlier

CJ Watson I like CJ Watson with his cool nickname and the bottom line is he can score but the last couple of games his limited PT and medicore court vision means he could be a casualty

Kosta Perovic The most likely to go. Arguably holds the worst contract on the team. Hasn't disappeared like Chris Taft but you know he will

Marco Bellinelli For some unexplainable reason is in Don Nelsons dog house so at this point whenever a backup PG is available Nelson could jump at the opportunity to cut him.

Before I get back to the possibilty of Jeff coming to the bay ESPN'S daily Dime explains how close the Warriors were to getting former Spurs sharpshooter Brent Barry.

There were actually two interested teams in the Brent Barry hunt -- as much as we love Bones, not sure we can call it a full-fledged sweepstakes -- that could have claimed Barry off waivers.

Neither Phoenix nor Golden State had anywhere close to the requisite salary-cap room to absorb Barry's $5.5 million salary, but both teams possess a sizable trade exception that, according to league rules, could have been used to snag Barry before he had the right to choose his next stop after clearing waivers.


Golden State, meanwhile, quietly chased Barry (and his Bay Area ties) hard and still has a $9,999,999 trade exception from its Jason Richardson trade with Charlotte on draft night. The Warriors, furthermore, are some $8.3 million under the luxury-tax threshold, meaning that they could have claimed Barry off waivers with no tax liability.

Yet it appears that the Warriors preferred to hold onto the trade exception -- which doesn't expire until four days after this June's draft -- to save it for something bigger. Which is likewise hard to argue given that many more player-acquisition possibilities present themselves closer to the draft

Unfortunately I don't believe we will use our 10 million TE. During his tenure as GM Mullin has been conservative when it comes to Trade exceptions perferring to let them expire. Obviously you can't use them for the sake of it but our Front Office can't seem to know what to do with them. Having Artest or any other bruiser down low might not make us a title contender but it does add some sense of security something that has been lacking in this increasingly tight race for the Western Conference 8th seed.

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