Thursday, March 20, 2008

Golden State: 116 LA Clippers:100

After being drubbed by the Kings by the Sacramento Queens one could imagine Nellie using a few extra motivational film sessions replaying just how these type of defeats couldn't happen again. Even though Golden State lies in 8th spot 2.5 games ahead of Denver who were heckled by Philly on the Answer's return nothing is by all means done yet. These are the type of games the Warriors have to win and with 3 or 4 of the remaining `15 against teams under .500 they just have to be won.


This was our first win in the city of Angels for a while and boy did it feel good. Even though the clippers were injury ridden and missing Kaman who has caused problems for Biedrins in the past the Warriors came out firing especially Jackson. Making up for his 3-15 shooting in Sacramento he had 18+ points in the first quarter alone anc ouldn't miss. The Warriors built a 37-26 sizeable advantage and from then on they coasted

Monta to the rim

Monta He was his usual self tonight exposing any poor Defender who dared to guard him. Mike Tirico compared him to Leandro Barbosa a very similar type of player indeed but a spot up shooter like Rip Hamilton of the Detroit Pistons might be more accurate. Hamilton isn't spectacular at driving to the basket so he relies on his outside shot which gets the job done. Monta is horrible at outside shooting so he does the same move when driving to the basket. The really question is regardless of Smush Parker and his low Basketball IQ why didn't someone figure he was using the same go to move the main reason why he was 13-18 from the field. Is Parker or Dickau really that stupid?. Having said that he got his swagger back in the 4th with 5 made shots in the 4th and finishing with some classic drives to the hoop and a jumper or two.

Baron and the Starters The clippers and their squad provided a nice break for Baron as he only played 27 minutes providing more of a micorscope on players like Harrington or Azubuike. Even though they can't finish near the rim (Harrington more so) it was refreshing during a TV timeout to see Captain Jack yelling because Aubuike was out of position on defense. In the 4th quarter after meeting a Clipper driver at the rim to challenge a dunk Jackson gave him a chest bump. The reassuring bit is Kelenna's shooting is good enough to draw defenders away from Davis or Jackson. Last night it was never more evident.

How to play Swarming Defense

Pietrus So far this is like a Basketball version of Dr Jekyll and Hyde. First half of the season he is still the stepping out of bounds, horrible Basketball IQ and can't make a shot for his life Jeykyll. Now he's magically transformed into Hyde and can't complain. He likes to attack the Basket a lot more then other Warrior players and we're seeing a much better outside shot. Hopefully Nelson uses his ability to drive to the Basket as an advantage. But who would have thought after the Trade deadline Pieetrus would bounce back Defensively and offensively like this.

Baron And then there was the sight of Baron. Because of the low minutes he didn't need to play the role of Hollywood hero but there was a stretch in the 3rd where his importance to the team cannot be denied. With the Warriors lead dwindling because of a 10-0 Clippers run Davis came in hit 3 jump shots in a row and bang the Warriors were up by 17. Game over and as Rick James says Cold blooded

Wright V Thronton It was a tough game for wright tonight matching up against Al Thronton wo used his superior body strentgh to push him out of the way. The 3rd and 4th quarters were indicative of how much more ready Thornton is then Wright. Even though he has a reputation as a ballhog Thronton attacked Wright, over powered him and outmuscled . However the more Wright is exposed to that the more of a better chance he can stop it against the likes of Utah or San Antonio.

Kosta and Marco The two never played players actually got some burn and didn't dissapoint. Marco looked comfortable rotating and looking for the open man as much as possible. His jump shot was nice as well. As for Kosta rather then a POB sighting in meaningless minutes Kosta did all that was asked. He boxed out, displayed a nice post move and ran the court surprisngly well for a 7 footer. Summer League 08 here he comes.

Soon to be Warrior Killer

Fortunately after Tuesdays mishap Golden State took advantage last night. With losses by Denver and Houston, the Warriors move further from the lottery and closer to the top of the heap. Going by the fact the Nuggets are a horrible road team and their next 3 games are roadies that is huge

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