Thursday, March 13, 2008

Golden State V Phoenix Preview


A Solid win against the Bosh-less Raptors hitting their 40th win of the season but now it's time to move on. Tonight on a TNT doubleheader the Warriors hit Phoenix. The playoff race increasingly gets tighter and if we do a quick match caculation the dubs would need to 10-9 the rest of the way to get to 50 wins which should be an automatic lock. The Denver Nuggets are 38-26 played 64 games and need to go 12-6 to hit 50. The way I see it 50 wins should be an automatic lock. Despite the increasing everday tension it is slightly more relaxing then last year where the Clippers controlled the 8th spot and fans were left rooting hard for their opponent. Now back to tonight.

The Suns are now only 1.5 games in front of the Warriors since the Shaq Shaun Marrion trade. Despite the trade not immediately working the Suns have recently beat Memphis and San Antonio b ut their defense still looks as bad as ever. One of the things GM Steve kerr promised of the list of how this trade would help was when it came to the playoffs against the Duncans, Boozers of the West having Shaq defending these calliber post players and allowing Amare to roam around would make the Suns finally adjust to the halfcourt game. Replacing their best interior Defender with an aging Center is recipe for disaster. With Marrion the 120-118 thrillers that were common now more then likely will be gone but how the heck do the Warriors play this team without the Matrix.

Set high screens When he was a Laker Shaq couldn't guard anyone outside the post so try and make Beans do this by setting high Screens Either Baron/Monta/Jax gets a wide open jumper or Beans is using his quickness in the paint to get off an easy shot

Will Suns will try and dominate inside with their Shaq-Amare tandem being quite imposing. Can the Warriors grab a rebound. Will Nellie impose Hack a Shaq just in case?. We simply don't have the inside play to contend with this pair. But thats ok. In Nellie's case it's run, run run.

Al Harrington gets 25
Shaq plays 16 minutes
Amare puts up 35-15
Warriors by 6

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