Monday, March 3, 2008

Youtube Monday: Jamisons 51

Todays entry into Youtube Monday is an historical reference. Cast your minds back to the 200-2001 season and how incredibly disheartning it was (See how far we've come). Dave Cowens was the coach at the time but despite a dismal pathetic 17-65 record a litte known Forward at the time Antwan Jamison kept producing averaging nearly 25 points and 9 rebounds per game. Things hadn't started too brightly either with a 5-13 start. Then the World Champion Lakers coming to town. Little did we know that the next 48 minutes were to provide our only bright spark of the season. Jamisons back to back scoring of 51 point games meant not only did he become the 1st player to achieive this since Michael Jordan but it mean that for years gone by this is the Bay Areas most underated Sporting feat. Mind you Kobe got 51 as well but it didn't tarnish the sweet feeling of beating the Fakers!

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