Monday, March 31, 2008

Youtube Monday: Barons College days

With the Final 4 approaching and UCLA cementing their status as the College with the most final 4 appearances I thought it would be appropiate to look at one of their past alummi and how good he was at the Bruins. Before the injuries and the occassional off nights there was a time when Baron was unstoppable. I mean dunking over A.K 47 unstoppable. Despite the amazing athlete he is it could have been even better.

The second clip is one of his better moves the behind the back dribble in the open court back to the same hand. The thing is it's not just the move that is noticable it's the player thats guarding him and his reaction. Dude gets completely faked out. Just watch.

And last but not least one more mix to get you juiced. Some jaw dropping fun stuff.

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