Friday, March 7, 2008

Golden state V Miami Heat preview


It's not often I use flashbacks in preview posts but when these two last squared off the Warriors were ridiclously fortunate to come away with a big W. You wouldn't know the Heat were struggling and despite the W and some Azubuike clutch shooting for large stretches the Heat looked a more formidable opponent then the Warriors. Then again Azubuike because of his lack of foot speed, inconsistency, struggles to create for himself, and complete inability to create for his teammates, and awful defense means he's faded into oblivion. Funny world

Since these two last faced each other Golden State have won 26 more times Miami just 7. Sometimes I can't actually believe they won the championship just two seasons ago. They are a terrible team no two ways around it and even though the Shaq Marrion trade has slightly helped them (Since the trade Miami has gone 2-8 Phoenix 3-5) Riley better work some of his offseason magic if the Heat want to become beast of the East again (Sorry Dwight Howard fans)

Hopefully just like the Atlanta game in case of the likely event of Marrion or Wade going off Nellie makes some in game adjustments. However they need to execute as well

Davis gets a Triple Double
Wade gets to the foul line 15 times
Marrion gets 12 boards
Warriors by 5

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