Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Webber retires

The Webber experiment was an unfortunate failure. I think it's obvious to say that with conviction. However unlike the Mbenga signing Mullin and Don Nelson honestly believed Webber had the skills to finally give the Warriors an legitmate big man. Unfortunately although things didn't work out Webber deserves a thanks for his efforts to help out.

Yes the Chris Webber experiment is over-SF Gate

I honeslty much like Mullin thought Webber would help this team. And there were glimpses where he did show us what he was capable off his passing was still solid, could set screens for teammates,nice rebounding, crafty defense on Kevin Garnett, some picks and swats but in the end it was all a tease. All the problems that he have such as a low hoops IQ,complete lack of interior passing, a player who looks to pass before shoot and the long awaited big body in the paint. However Nelson deserves credit for at least. They needed and still need a big man in every possible way and webber becuase of his salary and experience was the atttractive option.

Historically I hope people rememeber him for a variable career. His run with the Michigan 5 and the infamous timeout, him and Sprewell hoping to become the next big Golden State duel but it ended with a dispute with Nellie, His time with the Bullets and Juwan Howard was both a mixture of triumph and tragedies. Whe he went to the Kings not only were they soon on the Basketball map him and Divac were the best big man passing combo of all time and that Knee Injury he suffered in the 2003 Conference Finals was unfortunate. The Kings traded him to the 76ers a senseless move where he still averaged 20 PPG but for some reason he went to the Pistons where his career almost fizzled out were it not for the Golden State move.

Is Webber a hall of famer. It's close. If Sacramento had beaten the Lakers in the 2002 Western Conference finals it would have been a definite resounding yes. Whilst the lasting memory much like a Malone or Barkely. However the one huge game he did appear in you can't honestly say he dissapeared in . There was no doubt though that with the level of experience and high hoops IQ that Webber has every bit the potential to become a future NBA assistant or even Head Coach.

Even though he ended up as a Warrior I still feel slightly cheated. Why didn't Nellie in all his expereince as a coach back then figure out a way to let webber develop more in his rookie year, Why did Chris Cohan avoid paying him Why weren't knee injuries and dodgy officating in the Laker series saved by the Hoops gods. Why did his career end like this.

He ended up a Warrior but it should have ended up much better.

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