Thursday, March 6, 2008

Golden State: 135 Atlanta: 118 No D

Not the most exciting game (sarcasm) but the Warriors moved up the rankings and at the time continued their 4 game winning streeak with a thriller over the Hawks. And boy was this watchable. One thing to take from this performance is we´re number 1 in points scored. Thats right a spot usually reserved for the Phoenix Suns has now been eclipsed.


Summary:With Webber and Biedrins out Nelson went to a run and gun game pretty much the only play in his one page playbook. Despite the 135 points scored our defense deserves all the critiscm it can get. How many times did Joe Johnson or Josh Smith get open?. But thats enough. The most annoying stat of the night was seeing the Hawks 40 Free throw attempts compared to the Warriors 10. This time it wasn´t a case of the Warriors not driving to the Basket enough it was a case of the refs not giving them enough of the stick. The Hawks scored 42 points in the first quarter alone and a total of 70 points in the first half thanks to our incredible defense and Joe Johnson who added 38 points 7 rebounds and 6 assists. You can add his name to the list of Warrior Killers Marvin Williams and Josh smith also got 20 each. Thankfully despite Atlanta seemingly not missing a shot in the 1st half Nellie did a rarity and made some defensive switches to cool the Hawks.

Thankfully after the break the Warriors stepped up their game to go two games above 1 game behind Dallas. What about Pietrus. Apart from the mandatory step out of bounds play at the very end his 19 points and 12 rebounds has Warriors fans dreaming of another contributor down the stretch. He shot 5 from 7 from downtown meaning Baron could attack the basket against Mike Bibby a player not greatly known for his defense. Captain Jack also bought his game 29 points, 6 assists, 4 rebounds, and made it easier for everyone else by shooting 6 of 12 from 3pt land. If he keeps up this stellar scoring then this team could be dangerous.

Things that were obvious.

Turnovers: Both teams went into halftime each giving up 4 turnovers. After the half the Warriors forced the Hawks to commit 18 total turnovers to the Warrior’s 10.

Transition Fast Break Points: It seemed like the Warriors pushed the ball up every time the Hawks scored, allowing us to score 87 points off transition baskets

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