Sunday, March 2, 2008

Golden State V Portland Preview


Portland flat out own the Warriors. In December and January and owned them the all Star spot. All were unfair reminders. Yet tonight the 13 game winning streak Portland took to try and achieve playoff contention has all been forgotten about although they did end the Lakers 10 game winning streak recently.

The Blazers have some comptent scorers in their lineup Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge and has a pretty deep bench. Jarett Jack is another Guard to watch out for who's been gathering pretty serious minutes and has been delivering offensively. Here are a few tips for Golden State if they want to end this mini Portland ownage this season

Show up at tipoff If the Warriors want to avoid the 30-14 1st quarter disaster last time they played they have to get used to the earlier then normal Tipoff

Deny the 3 The Blazers shot the lightout in the 2nd meeting shooting an abnormal 46% from downtown. Defensive rotations have to be quick and sharp otherwhise with James Jones it could be a long night

Take care of the Rock For some reason the Warriors always turn it over against Portland. In both games combined they turned it over 15 times. It's all down to mental focus.

On the other hand them month of February has seen some positive trends develop.Croshere appears to have a redefined role with this team, Pietrus finally redisovered talent that never existed and Wright who was completely forgotten about now because of Biedrins injury has slowly worked his way into Nellie's books again with a couple of encouraging performances. With Monta, Baron and Jackson continuing their annual scoring hopefully the next few weeks will provide an indicator of whether the Nuggets will choke or will Hosuton finally have their 15 game winning streak ended . In the West every game counts!

Davis Puts up a near triple double over Roy
Webber posts up a double double
Wright has an impressive looking dunk
Warriors by 6

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