Thursday, March 27, 2008

Golden State V Portland preview


At a time where the Western Conference playoff race is peaking this is a glimpse of just how three of the contenders are prepared down the stretch. On the first game of the TNT doubleheader it's Dallas and Denver. As much as it's fun to watch the Iverson and Anthony combo it's still upsetting to watch a Football town have 3 allstars and the biggest(underachieiving coach of all time). However when all's said and done Denver are immensealy entertaining led by the greatest Small Guard of all time Iverson, Anthony who is great and Camby who is underrated. On the other hand though Dallas haven't looked anywhere near like the 67 wins they gathered last season. With Kidd, Josh Howard, Dirk and Avery they still are a tough team but a large part of me is a big Iverson fan and I would hate to see a player of his stature miss on the playoffs.

Getting back on track to the Warriors game despite a medicore record on TNT and a heartbreaker loss to the Lakers they host Portland tonight. It won't be so easy getting back on track however. Aside from Brandon Roy who's out tonight and probably the rest of the season Joel Przybilla is another Trailblazer who thrives on playing the Warriors. His average of 4PPG and 8RPG jump up to 10 and 10. It's pretty much essential that Biedrins steps up because unlike Joel in the last two meetings he's averaged 4 ppg and 5 rpb with no blocks essentially being a non facotr. If he can win this matchup the Warriors should win this nationally televised game.

As an added TNT bonus Webber just one day after announcing his retirement will be on the TNT set tonight. One wonders how many times they'll show the 1994 dunk over Charles Barkley. My guess is 9. The SF Gate has some new Webber info.

They can do that til the cows go home. I don't get tried of seeing Barkley's face on that big body of his. They can play that forever. I remember growing up, Barkley was one of the handful of player I looked up to, and I just remember back then, being nervous, because it was here and my boys that were staying with me at the time, were saying that Barkley was going to kill me and dunk on me. So I remember dunking and looking up at them like, Now what? I'll never forget that."

Steve Blake is the warrior killer
Baron has his 20
TNT replay the highlights of Barkley getting 50 on the Warriors in the 1994 playoffs
Warriors by 8

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