Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Golden State V Atlanta Preview


Even though theres a large difference record wise culturally both cities have a lot in common. Both cities local music scenes have had a huge impact on hip-hop and r'n'b over the last 15 years. Atlants of course are home to TLC, Tony Braxton, Babyface, Whitney Houston and the immaculate Outkast. Bay Area music has surprisngly had a bigger then normal impact 2pac, Master P, Digital Underground can all claim their origins here. If the two cities went head to head in the music movement it would be hard to sperate the two. But alas it's Basketball.

Both teams are striving to make the playoffs albeit in conferences with different ranges of talent. Golden State are 36-22 whilst Atlanta are 24-33 and two games out of 8th spot. What hurts the most is if the two teams swapped conferences the Warriors would be 4th but thats has been said many times. It should be exciting tonight because both teams will go gung ho knowing every game counts.

Another source of exitement is the young talent both teams have. Hopefully Monta will do just what he did in the month of February and take high percentage shots and drives to the basket. With Beans inury Wright has flourished averaging 13 points 7 rebounds in just over two games. It might be very premature to say this but in just over two decades could Wright provide the big mans role that we haven't had since Mullin. We can only hope. Atlanta has a host of young talent as well Josh Smith, Al Horford, and Joe Johnson all thrive in a run and gun offense. It should be a high scoring affair tonight!.


Webber has his best game with 12 points 8 rebounds
Harrington has a career high against his former team
Jodh Childress assumes the role of Warrior killer
Warriors by 4

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