Saturday, March 15, 2008

Golden State V Memphis Preview


Really there isn't much to talk about tonight so I thought I'd ht you up with a couple of links from the Memphis Blogosphere.

3 Shades of Blue
Grizz seek talent like Ellis Won't happen
Monta will he leave Barons shadow

If the Warriors don't win by at least 15-20 tonight I will be dissapointed. There's always Warrior killer Mike Miller to watch out for and Rudy Gay is a handful but either way there stuck with the two of the biggest draft busts Kwame Brown and Darko Milicic so it evens itself out. Either way regardless of the level of talent we must win this gam. No excuses.

Hakimm Warrick throws down a nasty one
Monta puts up 30
Rudy Gay puts up 25
Warriors by 14
Darko in reponse to the Bust chants points to his ring
There's a Marco sighting except it's used to play Hack a Hackim

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