Sunday, March 16, 2008

Golden State: 110 Memphis: 107

Closer then a 100M race was tonights game. Irrespective of whether how unconvicing the win was or how worrisome was the fact we still play down to teams levels but the precious W was still put up. On the other hand losses like the Minnesota game earlier this year speel doomsday so wins like tonight no matter how ugly are still welcomed.


We almost had Gay Almost!

Player Positives

:Monta Ellis is shooting lowly 22.5% on 3's this season, just couldn't miss from outside tonight even though it was one shot.

:Mike Miller the Warrior killer only had 19 points and 13 boards. He also had 6 assists but at least he didn't have a Gasol like 40. By our defensive standards you could call that a shutdown

: This season Barnes is a miserable 29.6% down from 3 pointers from last seasons 36.6%. Tonight he was extremely efficent hitting all 3 from downtown. If he can continue a Pietrus like revival then we have just a little more depth.

: Speaking off Pietrus where was this version of Air France earlier?. It seems since the trade deadline his game has showed flashes of driving, dunking and hard nosed D something that wasn't there beforehand. Keeps playing like this and it's more then likely the Warriors will retain his services come offseason.

Better hustle as well

Second Half Now this is the ugly part. With the Dubs up by 15 no one in the crowd or watching on TV would realise that the Grizzlies a team heading for the lottery and split whether to tank or play hard would score 41. Dfensive futility was just half of it. The turnovers were the casualty where 20 turnovers and getting picked 15 times and swatted 4. Memphis even had more steals.Now back to the defense. Honestly where is it. The exterior and interior defense is nowhere something Mullin needs to answer for just why in his 4 years as a GM has he never got a Big man or decent one. As much as I like Biedrins Warrick caused nightmares for him tonight scoring in the low post. He could have easily had 35 but he missed a ton of open looks. Biedrins has 1.2 BPG meaning no ones intimitidated. He may not be much of a help but having Webber back in might solve this.Either way if the Warriors make it back to the dance any team can exploit this hole and then the seasons over.

Getting away from the negativity quick shoutout to Mr Custodian Brian Cardinal. Dropped 8 points on us last night but did give us a solid year

Solid D on KG

Flushing it down

Here's what Nellie had to say about the game AP

We were very vulnerable, but we came away with a win and that's the main thing," coach Don Nelson said. "There are no bad teams in the NBA. There isn't anybody we can't beat and there isn't anybody that can't beat us on any given night. We didn't look much like an eighth-place team tonight, but we remain there. We're going to have to play a lot better than we played tonight and I know we will

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