Sunday, March 23, 2008

Golden State V LA Lakers Preview


The battle of California. With the Nuggets just beating Toronto and Nowitzki potentially out for two weeks this is good and bad news on the Warrior playoff landscape. Even though tonight isn't the best night to visit an arena where they have trouble beating the Lakers since January 2003 a streak of five years.The next two days are crucial for the Warriors season. Our loss to the Rockets still put us half a game ahead of Denver and now just a half a game behind Dallas. Every game counts and if the playoffs started tommorow this would be the Warriors matchup. Not fair as they say but without Bynum and Gasol the Warriors need and have to take advantage with teams creaping up on them fast. Either way should be a good one,


Warriors win by 7
Pietrus scores 15 .
Odom grabs 12 boards
Kobe scores 35

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