Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Golden State: 117 Toronto: 106

A 20 point lead slmost blown, horrible shot selction which allowed the Raptors to take a brief lead in the 4th quarter giving Warrior nation a heart attack. Fortunately they pulled through denying all fears of a loss to a Bosh-less Raptors which would have been bad. Our 40th win of the season was slightly more tense then needed to be.


1st quarter. This was the positive point to take from tonight. Pietrus dunk as you can see above plus Barons swat on Nesterovic bought out the collective Wow's along the crowd. The Warriors had 33 in the bag to the Raptors' 17 Pietrus keeping up his unreal form with 8 points and displaying agressivness that was missing for a long time. Monta was also on his way to another dominant night with 11 points.

Tempo Unforunately Golden State hasn't figured out how to control the tempo throughout the game. After a better then expected opening the 3 pointers and bad shots started increasing. Seven from downtown were taken none were made. Clearly the option of driving to the Basket were ignored all of the 2nd quarter three point attempts were taken when we had a comfortable lead. It became clear the Warriors wished to try and built a 30 point lead to rest their starters for the Suns game tonight but unfortunately because of the Bricks this strategy backfired allowing the Raptors to roar back into the game. You can't ignore Monta's 33 points or Baron's 15 assists for swinging it back in Golden States favour.

Pietrus might not be a failure at PF any longer if he continues like this. On any given night for a player who had followen out of favour with the fans scoring 14 and 8 simply means this is the Pietrus that everyone wanted to see. Pietrus scored most of his points from the outside and spent quality time guarding Toronto’s point guard (often leaving Baron with the power forward). The Bench was never used to good effect though but Azubuike and Watson did little to improve the pro bench camp. There was no Croshere or Wright surprising because they have been the most stable. Their absence was confusing although Nellie wanted Smallball it seemed

Warrior Killers No Kapono but plenty of Parker, Humphries and TJ Ford. Parker finished up at 22 points and 9 boards, Humphries nailed all 10 of his points in the 2nd quarter on 5 of 7 shooting with a butter close range jumper asnd least but not least TJ Ford who had 13 points in the 4th quarter. Fortunately Barons 10 points and 6 dimes and knife in the back 3's reminded us of how clutch he could be and eased Toronto's pressure a little.

40 Wins two less then last year. We can only take one game at a time however and thats why tonight against the Suns the failure to give the starters a clear rest because of the bricks could be costly

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