Sunday, March 30, 2008

Golden State V Dallas Preview


Warriors luck. Only in the western Conference would it be Golden State's luck that being 16 games over .500 might not be enough to qualify for the playoffs. I've already explained how dire the East is in comprassion. Tonight Nellie faces a huge game against his former team assistant coach Avery Johnson and bay area native Jason Kidd.As we all know in a NBA championship or nothing attempt Avery rolled the dice and got arguably the best pure Point Guard of the last decade. Perhaps Kidd and his experience in the NBA Finals, his defensive skills or even his veteran experience it's still uncleear why Dallas wanted him. Even though Baron Davis absolutely dominated Devin Harris in last years playoffs moving Diop to the Nets means the Warriors can navigate the paint that much easier. Having said that without Jason Richardson the Dubs just don't have that tremendous backcourt advantage in terms of size, athleticism, and speed.

The Mavs are filled with sharpshooters like Jerry Stackhouse,Josh Howard and Jason Terry plus with undersized 4's in the Brandon Bass mode the Warriors can have a lot of trouble. Bass was a big part of the reason the Mavs have beaten the Dubs twice.The Mavs have been free falling of sorts in the last few games, so hopefuly our Warriors can take them down now!

Brandon Bass is the Warrior killer
Jackson has 30 points
Monta has 25
Warriors by 5

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