Tuesday, March 25, 2008

LA Lakers: 123 Golden State: 119

This was undeniably the greatest and most exciting game of the year to watch. Unfortunately even though I try and stay away from blaming the Refs as much as possible tonights game just showed how dire the state of officiating is right now in the NBA. Having said that there was no virtual gurantee with 4 seconds left that anyone would have tossed in a game tying 3 but it's still one of those losses thats hard to accept


You decide

No doubt Fisher is a decent guy off the court. But on the court for some reason whether he's hitting clutch jumpers for the Jazz as he did against us in the playoffs last year or tonights flop he seems to be another Warrior killer without displaying the same clutch skills when he was with Golden State just a couple of years ago. Tonight he showed no ability to stop Monta and was faced guarding him on a inbound with the game on the line. So he did what not even a Ginbobill or Scola would do and thats drag down Monta forcing the refs to make the call. Fisher's clever deceiftulness made the refs sucked into making a decision hence the ball game. The guy can clearly shoot in crunch time but when he makes the decision to cheat get away with it and be rewarded with a victory then thats where it's hard to accept the way this game ended.

Having said that I would consider the Warriors lucky to be in the position they were in. The 1st quarter was sluggish as bad passes and missed layups foruntately didn't set any trend as Monta's drive to the hoops set a 28-20 1st quarter lead. However Kobe was waiting to pounce and Odom seemingly gobbled up every Rebound in existence. The 2nd quarter was more of the same as sloppy was the name of the game. Kobe was waiting to go off as he gave the ball off countless times to his teammates without scoring much. With 1 minute left in the half however Baron and Monta combined for 6 points. Baron somehow drove through the Lakers with an aerobatic layup and Monta made a 3 point buzzer beater. Dubs up by 11

11 for 30 Not MVP numbers

The 3rd quarter has been the albatross this season for the Warriors as they picked off where they were in LA. Ill advised Jump shots, non existent defense and jacking up of 3's greatly dimiished the lead. Odom started grabbing every defensive rebound and soon put Biedrins into foul trouble. However Jacksons and Kelenna's defense on kobe controlling him from scoring and Keleena with big steals and great positioning on the offense meant the Dubs were only down by one come the end of the 3rd . He grabbed 7 rebounds and made the open shots. Without Kelenna Kobe goes off.

During the crunchtime quarter Kobe was unstoppable Fade away 3’s with a hand in his face, turnaround jumpers, and crazy layups through traffic gave the Fakers an 8 point lead with 5 minutes remaining. Fortunately Captain Jack put a hand in his face and with 2 minutes remaining an heroic comeback was made. Baron at the free Throw line with 3 seconds left. Ties them both. Fisher gets free for the win but no Utah heroics here. We got to Overtime. Kelenna was absolutely huge here.Coming up with a big and 1 play, Monta nailing an open shot and coming up with a steal. Fisher hits a dagger 3. Up to this point this game had lived and exceeded any epectations people had of it's entertainment value a feat considering yesterdays game. the final minute

0.58 Warriors by one but chucker Vujacic nails another dagger 3

0.30 Monta drives for the upteenth time ball rims out but Keleena follows through. Of all the games he's played this season this was the most active on both sides off the floor I've seen him. His putback ties the game.

0.09 Lakers run some clock and Odom somehow gets in unchecked for an easy lineup. A crucial missed defensive assingment somehwere but then again duing the chaos it's understandable

0.04 So 4 seconds left. Nellie calls time. After captain jacks heroics on Sunday night he is doubled meaning Monta or Baron are the go to guys. Fisher falls to the ground taking Monta with him referee Delaney calls an offensive foul and much like the Wizards game last season the Warriors feel cheated.

Stuck in LA traffic!

Ultimately though it was inevitable the Warriors would spilt the series they just did it in a different way. Not a big cause of celebration but no complaints. Denvers close but then again so are Dallas. The only attribute the Warriors can take from this game is they must put away good teams when they get the chance. By switiching it to a halfcourt game they risk getting slaughtered by a team more then used to playing that style. Davis, Ellis, and Jackson are not halfcourt players but more so the game was a lesson if you mess around too much a shooter like derek Fisher will finish you off

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Neil Joshi said...

Man, that was a tough one. I really thought the Warriors played exceptionally well in coming back from that deficit to force overtime. That offensive foul was definitely the difference. The Warriors will be a dangerous matchup for anyone come playoff time.