Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dallas: 111 Golden State: 86

I'm just not sure what to say. One of the biggets games of the season and they just didn't show up. A large part of me is fustrated, pessimistic and upset at the fact that the Mavs are basically in the Postseason the Warriors are out.There's no denying it's been a fun ride and since something miraculous happens within the next 7 games this is where it offically ended. It may be hard to belieive but in this season defining game the team looked as lifeless as we’ve seen them since they started 0-6.


Defense Whats defense?

Tempo and Defense Much like the Houston game earlier this year the Mavs beat the Warriors at their own game not that the Warriors ever played it.They ran up and down the court faster, defended much better, and played like a team. Credit to Dallas defense bascically challenging every shot, contested every jumper and made it difficult for the Warriors to get any sort of a rhythm on offense. They allowed Monta and Baron to drive and score in the lane at will taking the gamble that Jackson and Harrington would go ice cold much like the Spurs last night. Monta had 27 points (12-19) and Baron scored 20 (8-17. While both found a mini rythm neither can be said for Jackson or Harrington both combining for for 8 points on 2-20 shooting. It was clear Avery Johnson did his homework on Biedrins as all the one and one play took Biedrins out of the gameplan .

Warriors Defense Defense what Defense?. I've never seen a poorer effort on defense tonight in any game this season. I know Nellieball isn't renowned for defensive plays of the year but Dallas did so much on offense it was nuts. Josh Howard went nuts on his way to 28, Jason Terry hit everything on his way to 31 and there was absolutely no transition defense. Here's the defining stat Dallas scored 44 fast break points compared to just 16 for the Warriors but that doesn't take into account just how many 3 on 2's, 4 on 2's, 4 on 1's,uncontested layups, backdoor alley oops, wide open 10 footers. It was disgusting to watch.

Sums it up really

Tiredness The main excuse would be they just cam off a back to back in San Antonio so therefore their legs wouldn't be as fresh. Baloney I say. There is no justication for being blown out on national TV and blaming tired legs as a factor. The starters had about 18 minutes rest last night which is perfect timing. You have to keep the game competitive and give yourself a best chance to win. Dare I say it but even Mike montgomery's Warriors would have beaten tonights.

Kidd factor I always liked Kidd a bay area native who's had decent and excellent stints in in Dallas the first time around, in Phoenix, and in New Jersey but tonight it was just hard watching him dominate. Don't let the 5 points fool you he collected 17 assists more then the entire Warriors roster!. Dallas dominanace was all down to the Jason Kidd brilliance.

Mikeal Pietrus: The sooner he comes back the better.I never thought I would write these words but his scoring and rebounding contribution are invaluable for a squad that has absolutely no depth at the moment.I believe he's injured enough to not play. I also believe he doesn't want to jeopardize his to be signed contract in the summer. However the sooner he gets back on track the better off we are

So what now . No doubt the Texas mini trip was a big disaster for our playoff hopes. The comebacks against the Miami Heat and Washington Wizards of the NBA have sadly been far and few between during the last two months. No doubt a big part of it was indeed much of our energy was wasted in these comeback attempts that this could be a valid reason for the team looking lethargic and tired in the final stretch. Last year the confidence by the fans and players carried us into the second round where no one belieived we could. This season it appears over confiedence has been something a lot of the players have been suffering from. There have been some amazing wins see the Spurs or Lakers games but this momentum only gets you so far.

The question is what next. There may have been a lot of missed defensive assigments and too many shots rimming out in Dallas but this team has come too far for me to deenounce their hopes.We’ve talked about the problems above all season. We’ve known that they could sink us. It’s up to the team now to prove us wrong. April 17th is judgement day

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