Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Golden State V Dallas preview


To show you just how big tonights game is ESPN Deportes has a preview

Para reservar un lugar en el sillón

Los Mavericks, que no contarán con Dirk Nowitzki, se miden frente a los Warriors en un partido vital para ambos en la búsqueda de playoffs. Televisa ESPN desde las 21.30 ET

Para evitar otra derrota en manos de los Warriors, Nowitzki intentó volver a la cancha antes de lo previsto tras haber sufrido una dura lesión, pero desafortunadamente para los Mavericks, aún no está en condiciones para jugar el miércoles por la noche contra Golden State en un crucial enfrentamiento entre contendientes de la Conferencia Oeste que están intentando posicionarse en los playoffs.

I have no idea whats been said but just to break the tension I thought it would be amusing just to look at the Spanish take of it. This is the most important game of the year. I know I've said that countless times already but the Nuggets look like they have too much depth not to make the playoffs and once Dirk comes back it's essentially a race between these two. This mini Texas road trip got off to a horrible start last night with a blowout in San Antonio the incredibly biased San Antonio announcers arguably being the worst crew in the League. A loss tonight would be more ugly. It would put the Dubs a full 2 games behind the Dallas My Little Ponies for the 7th spot and 1.5 games behind the Denver Nougats for the final invitation to the Western Conference playoffs.

Dallas's depth is big though. Even without Dirk and certified Warrior killer Jerry Stackhouse (AP) the Mavs have a big advantage shooting percentage wise Josh Howard, Jason Terry and Json Kidd all dropping dimes. More poccession and more shots is the key for the Warriors. This is one of those "you have to remain focussed at all time" type of games that I honestly think they can take

The big 3 after last nights dismal showing all have a big game
Kidd messes around and gets a triple double
Howard is tonights Warrior killer
Warriors by 6

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