Wednesday, April 30, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Day 12

Two years ago when Mike D'Antoni was preparing to face the Mavericks in the Western Conference finals I don't think he could have imagined later on in his NBA career rumours by ESPN means he could be out of a job. Unfortunately after the Suns suffered another playoff exit at the hands of their nemisis the San Antonio Spurs it looks like the end. Any coach who goes 232-96, makes the WCF twice and totally revitalizes the way the modern game is played (most teams are adopting a version of the Fast Break now) deserves major credit but ultimately it was the Shaq trade that put his job on the line and it failed.

As for Avery Johnson with the loss to the Hornets either Mark Cuban has great patience or he won't rehire a coach with seasons of falling short, 3 seasons of failed expectations, 1 season of squandering a 2-0 NBA Finals lead, and one season of finishing with the best record in the league but getting kicked out of the 1st round by you know who. Fire Avery will be happy.

On the next plane out of Phoenix?

Easy to forget in the midst of all this Coaching speculation but the Pistons beat the 76ers 98-81 in a good old fashioned beatdown with Rip and Billups looking in decent form. I gurantee you I don't think anyone would have perdicted the Eastern Playoffs would have been more exciting then he West but it's happenned. For T-Mac's playoff curse to be on hold he has to performa godlike task and win in the land of the mormoms sorry Utah as they trashed the Jazz 95-69. On with todays.

Gme5: (8) Atlanta Hawks @ (1) Boston Celtics (Series tied 2-2)

A game 5 in Boston in this series. The NBA never ceases to surprise. Right now a team that made the 8th spot in the East with a losing record still seem to have more collective belief then a Celtics team that haven't reached their potential. Still is it a step too far to see Hotlanta pull this one out. Yes.

Gme5: (5) Washington Wizards @ (4) Cleveland Cavalliers (Cleveland lead 3-1)

All that Stevenson nonsense will end tonight. Lebron puts on a show and Fire Mike Brown will actually have some positive things to say about the state of the Cavs.

Avery Johnson fired as Coach of the Dallas Mavericks(ESPN)

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