Friday, April 25, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Day 7

Couldn't write up a preview of Day 6 of the 200-2008 playoffs but after two blowouts and a rare win for the Rockets in Mormonland you didn't miss much. Wait run that sentence by me again. Houston won in Utah!. Yes thats right. T-Mac didn't use his 4th quarter heroics but he did have one nice little burst of good play as he hit 2 jumpers, 3 free throws, had a key block and rebound. Apart from those it was the same old do nothing T-Mac come playoff time. I don't why the guy has a knack for choking come 1st round Playoff time but in the interests of fairness the Rockets have done exceedingly well avoiding a sweep without their big man. As the Warriors know from last year playing utah without a decent big man is next to impossible so props to the Rockets for stealing a game. Won't be enough but whatever. On to the next slate of games

The NBA where Shawn Bradley lives

G3: (2) Detroit Pistons @ (7) Philadelphia 76ers (series tied 1-1)
Game 2 the Pistons realized they were suppossed to beat the Sixers easily so blew them out. I expect them later on to play down to Philly's standard just not tonight.

G3: (2) New Orleans Hornets @ (7) Dallas Mavericks (Hornets lead 2-0)
Right back when this series started in New orleans up until tonight Dallas just doesn't look like they can handle it. If they lose this series, A LOT of things come into question about this franchise. WIll Avery be fired? Is Jason Kidd overrated? Is Dirk ever going to recover? But for tonight, give the Mavs this one.

G3: (3) San Antonio Spurs @ (6) Phoenix Suns (Spurs lead 2-0) Steve Kerr's reasoning for the Shaq trade. so they could beat the Spurs. Hasn't worked yet but tonight I expect a double digit victory and the " real Slim shady" sorry Leandro Barbose to please stand up

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