Tuesday, April 1, 2008

San Antonio: 116 Golden State:92

Not much positive about tonight at all. The Warriors were blown out by the San Antonio Spurs, slipped down to 9th spot with Denvers win and the homerish Spurs crew on League pass meant it was not a good night. for the first time this year the Warriors saw the sours at full stength and it was perdictable. Duncan picked us apart, Parker thrived against Baron’s reaching defense, and the Spurs’ shooters hit again and again once we started cheating on defense. The result was perdictable the Spurs owned us again


Points in the Paint: Before going directly to this point the Warriors were beaten by a better team pure and simple. However even though Duncan and Parker were absolutely on fire tonight the charming softness down low was embarassing. Part of it was Biedrins even though he rebounded well, Part of it was Parker and Duncan doing their thing as they do against every other team, A lot of it was on Nelson giving supper charming soft Croshere a run. But everyone on the Warriors coaching staff and players should be blamed and embarassed at the disparity in points in the paint 62 to 28.

Big 3 No doubt they are banged up. Jacksons limping, Davis is in a battered state but when Monta shoots 5-16 with 5 turnovers there's your ball game. Jackson was ineefective for 12 just aren't going to cut it, especially when he was so quiet on defense, didn't really set up others, or make a big contribution on the glass.

Ball Movement: Golden State managed only 8 assists for the entire game but I think this was down to the Spurs individual defense . Packing the lane they left 3 point shooters open in the hope they wouldn't connect. As risky as the strategy was it worked. Lastly it was Monta Ellis and his decision making that was the downfall. getting caught up in the air with nowhere to go and forcing passes into tight spaces. The Spurs defense around the rim was excellent, denying Monta easy looks, but Ellis didn’t do the Ws any favors with his reckless play.

Harrington Gone was the energetic Harrington against Dallas although tonight he was playing with a dodgy thumb. Even though he was playing against a Frontcourt superior to Dallas Al never got his game rolling with horrible outside shooting. It's players like him that need to step up if the warriors wish to repeat their postseason success.

Bench Once the game erupted to a blowout and all starters were rested we finally got a decent look at the bench and once again my belief we got nothing in the Richardson trade was justified. Brandon Wright in 12 minutes of play had exactly 1 bucket, 1 rebound, 1 blocked shot, 1 blocked shot attempt, and 0 assists. I may have been on Nelsons back earlier on for not playing the Rookies enough but I conceed going by stats alone he is correct. In 7 minutes of play Kosta Perovic may have had a sole bucket but at least with a expiring contract the worst use of the midlevel exception since Isiah Thomas signed Jerome James can finally depart. As for Marco Belinelli he had the excellent stat of 0's all across the board his lone shot attempt being a Wild airball. Neither of the Rookies did much at all not providing much hope for the future.

Neither are defensive players of the year candidates anytime soon

Spurs announcers I've always respected Sean Elliott for being able to come back after his kidney problems and continue a solid NBA career but tonight he was easily the most colour analyst of the year. The irony of Eliott was he refereed to Monta's poor shot slectiion only a few minutes after acknowledging his excellnt shooting percentage.The play-by-play guy jumped out to an early lead, yelping about every call and yelling “the ball don’t lie when the warriors missed a Free Throw. Granted our two very own Jim Barnett and Bob Fitzgerald can appear like homers but not to the same magnitude .At one point the Spurs play-by-play man was jokingly chiding Elliot for siding with the refs and not rooting for the Spurs enough on a call that clearly should and did go to the Warriors and even mocked Biedrins for leading the League in Field Goal percentage as meaningless. Makes you apppreciate your own

Everything Dallas worked hard for with Mark Cuban and Avery Johnson is partly on the line tonight. Jackson had the most minutes of any Warriors player with 34 Davis and Ellis didn't log more then 30. However I have no doubt Dallas will be motivated. Avery will motivate the troops, Dirk will try and pull a Willis Reed and another nerve wracking night will be the result

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