Wednesday, April 23, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Day 5

There are two things I wouldn't do in life. Bungee jump off a Airplane and play this guy in a game of Horse with money on the line. Both I figure would signal the end of my glory days

Neede to say these playoffs have been entertaining beyond belief. Chris Paul and the Hornets have schooled Jason Kidd Mavericks into a 2-0 series lead, Spurs and Suns has been fun to watch whilst Orlando's decision for a T-Shit giveaway was one of the most creative ideas by a Franchise in some time. But anyway the matchups

G2: (7) Philadelphia 76ers @ (2) Detroit Pistons (76ers lead 1-0)
First game Philly took surprisingly. But the Pistons come out to play for real tonight and win by double digits.

G2: (8) Atlanta Hawks @ (1) Boston Celtics (Celtics lead 1-0)

Anyone think this series goes more than 4 games? KG has the Celts on a mission.

G2: (8) Denver Nuggets @ (1) Los Angeles Lakers (Lakers lead 1-0)

Much like the other 1-8 matchup, this series isn't going to be much of a contest. Tonight in LA, Pau's team takes care of business in a double digit victory.

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