Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Golden State V Sacramento Preview


Despite a loss to the New Orleans Hornets on Sunday evening , we were fortunate enough to witness Denver fall short on their matchup to the Sonics, keeping us tied for 8th place (technically 9th due to the regular season record) with matching win-loss records.

We may not have the same amount of luck again which is why tonight we find out what kind of team we are. Simply put we can't rely on Denver losing especially tonight where they face off against a 23-55 completely elimanted from playoff contention LA Clippers. Elton Brand is back but it's impossible to see Denver losing their 3rd in a row. Keep in mind the Warriors are facing a Kings team who have gone 5-2 in their last seven games with wins over Houston and Denver. Last time these two played Sacramento blew them out of the bulding. The Warriors defense made Kevin Martin (34 points), Ron Artest (26 points), Mikki Moore (19 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 blocks), and Brad Miller (14 points and 13 rebounds) look like they were they were a cast of Dream Teamers and some would even argue this is the best team not in the playoff hunt right now.

Fortunately Pietrus returns to a team that lacks depth. . MP2's defense, rebounding, scoring, and hustle have been sorely missed on a team that lacks depth so hopefully there's more of the same tonight.

Warriors win, Denver loses.
* Warriors win, Denver loses.
* Warriors win, Denver loses.
* Warriors win, Denver loses.
* Warriors by 8.

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