Saturday, April 26, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Day 8

The Shaq experiment has offically failed

Even though I didn't watch the mighty Suns struggle their way to a possible sweep against the Spurs making sure that since February that in all likelihood they would be done early not too many Pistons or NBA fans would have thought the Sixers in front of a loud but leave home early type crowd would jump to a 2-1 series lead. I have to say if you've never watched an NBA game but tuned in just then it would be impossible to believe that Detroit won 59 games such was the no heart, over confident, and poorly display they showed. But being a genuine Pistons hater, I’ll take it.

In the West you had Dallas with a big win keeping the series alive. Trailing the series by one game, the Mavs are still going to have to win their next game to stay alive. Even though Dirk has been labelled the peultimate playoff choker for one night only he was big with 32 and 19.

And finally, the last game of Friday night had the most exciting series turn into a bust. The Spurs beat the Suns in Phoenix by 16 points. This looks to be a sweep. I have to say, the Spurs are incredible. After watching this series so far, I’m really going to have to rethink who I have going to the finals!.

G4: (3) Orlando Magic @ (6) Toronto Raptors (Magic leads 2-1)

Even though I love watching howard and Bosh duke out in the paint much like I perdicted this series has been a dud neither game being close so far. Tonight motivated by the Pistons struggles and the possibility of earfly elimination Howard has a monstrous game while Rasheed gets hot outside and Orlando take a 3-1 lead back to Disneyland.

G3: (1) LA Lakers @ (8) Denver Nuggets (LA leads 2-0)

As reccomended by the excellent fire George Karl Blog the best thing Denver should do in the remainder of the series is just play as much free flowing Basketball as possible. Considering everyones job is on the line should they lose the series it's they only fun they'll have

G3: (1) Boston Celtics @ (8) Atlanta Hawks (Boston leads 2-0)

We're having a rare hot day in Ireland so if you excuse me rather then watching a perdictable blowout I'll be on the beach.

G4: (4) Houston Rockets @ (5) Utah Jazz (Jazz leads 2-1)

Yao Ming memorably asked Carl Landry if he would sacrifice 15 more teeth for the good of the team. They'll need to sacrifice more then that if they want to regain home court advantage

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