Sunday, April 20, 2008

NBA Playoffs Day 2

Wasn't able to write up a post about day 1 of the 2007-2008 NBA Playoffs but we all know how that went. Spurs edged the Suns in double OT in the best Game 1 I've personally ever witnessed, Le bron used some Clutch play to beat the Wizards and shut Deshaun Stevenson up with 32 points, Chris Paul was his ususal self as the Hornets beat the Mavs and in what should be a quick series continuing the T-Mac 1st round curse Utah disposed Houston 93-82. But enough of that lets focus on day 2 and a new set of matchups

The last time A.I played a Game 1 in LA

G1: (6) Toronto Raptors @ (3) Orlando Magic (Series Tied 0-0)
Gotta take the Magic in this one against Nesterovic and the Raptors/ Goodness knows it's been a while before they really had a decent team before the last two seasons.!

G1: (8) Denver Nuggets @ (1) LA Lakers (Series Tied 0-0) The Nuggets can beat any team in the West in a 7 game series except the Lakers. Denver has had monumental collapses in the Playoffs doing decent against teams in game 1 and 2 but then having a mental collapse and it's easy going then. Lakers will win game 1.

G1: (7) Philadelphia 76ers @ (2) Detroit Pistons (Series Tied 0-0
The Pistons do play down to their competition in the playoffs, but not tonight.

G1: (8) Atlanta Hawks @ (1) Boston Celtics (Series Tied 0-0)
You will know if the NBA is rigged for the bookies If the Hawks beat the Celtics in this Game 1.

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