Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ice Cube purchases the Warriors

The world and indeed Warrior nation woke up to the extradionary news that Chris Cohan finally sold the team and decided to allow Rapper and former NWA group member Ice Cube to buy the team. In todays press conference Ice Cube announced that because of the closely contest playoff race every fan could get in free to every remaining Warriors home game. The other changes he announced were.

:The name Golden State will be dropped and replaced with Bay Area Warriors.

:George Clinton and his P-Funk group will be the halftime entertainment. In fact our new team anthem shall be known as We got The Funk

True master of funk

:The current group of Warrior bandwagon fans who did the ever embarassing mexican wave on Sundays game shall be removed and replaced with the same group during last season Dallas series and Utah that showed the world just how knowledgable and dedicated Golden State fans are.

: Once Nellie retires the one and only choice to replace him will be Chris Rock with his assistant being the great Gary Payton. It would be worth doube the admission watching these two duke it out during drills.

:Mullins promotions during Halftime shows will include BARBERSHOP promotion get a tight cut and free lowerbowl tickets on their way.

but mostly Ice Cube promised a championship calliber team in 2010. Any Kings fan who choses to jump the bandwagon will immediately be shot down. Near the end he gives a special shoutout to Irish Warriors noting that every time he checks the site he walks away amazed wondering out loud "THERE'S BLOGS OUT THERE THAT BIIIIIIG?!!!".

It was a good day

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