Sunday, April 6, 2008

Who wants it more?

Seriously the way the last few weeks have gone there has been so many twists to this playoff race that even the most hardened Seattle fan could never have perdicted a ridiculous 150-147 double Overtime victory. Exactly six hours before things were going the complete oppossite in New Orleans where the Warriors picked up an unfortunate loss where then it looked like their playoff hopes were severly damaged. But in a city renowned for it's rain as much as the Coffee they serve the Warriors playoff hopes are still alive. Check the ESPN recap for more information. To me this playoff push looks like both teams are struggling to make the,. Golden State are 4-6 in their last 10 while Denver lost two in a row (@ home vs Sacramento (without Artest and Brad Miller), on the road vs Seattle)

Denver I'm actually stunned how a group of Iverson, Carmelo and renowned shotblocker Marcus Camby could be in mix for the 8th spot. You look at this team and you atomatically thinkthey should be at the most a 4th seed but they've lost to a Kings team without two of their best players and they lost to the sonics whom they beat by 52 when they previously met. They are not helped by George Karl doing a bad coaching job but you still have to wonder just how big an impact these two loses will have on the race for 8th.

Golden State If the Warriors had gone into this sort of slump in January it wouldn't have mattered so much. Right now however this just isn't the same sort of team that we saw from March to May. That was a team that thrived on Crowd energy, made few mistakes and played a uptempo game during the playoffs which actually made Playoff Basketball worth rewatching. Whether it's to do from the inferior crowd from last year, Barnes massive decline in form, Jackson's recent struggles I don't know but two straight bad losses to the Spurs and Mavericks should not happen to a team fighting to make the playoffs.

Final Push The Warriors control their own destiny. Win out and we face the #1 seed in the West. It's a 5 game season. I'm not predicting anything because I'm not going to jinx anything. All I know is, I'm nervous but damn excited that we're in another playoff chase.

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