Wednesday, April 30, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Day 13

So what about those Wizards. Never mind the rare LeBron buzzer beater missed or caron Butler having a career Playoff high the real postgame story was this.

“Miss this shot, make it interesting and let’s take this thing back to D.C.”

Needless to say Lebron bowed to Caron's demands missed a 5 footer in the Lane on the last shot of the game and Washington stole one in Cleveland now going back home in game 6. James was unbelievable with 34 points and 10 assists but when it counted a rarity occured. He fell short.

He can throw it down and put players off when the games's on the line. Just what can he not do

Oh and those pesky Celtics. In game 5 they ran the Hawks in a comforatble 110-85 victory meaning the eyes of the upset pursuits will be in Atlanta for game 6. If the Hawks win this one game 7 will approach the magnitude of Superbowl 41 where an enitre city which once dreamed of titles in all 3 Sports could be dashed assunming the Hawks cause the biggest upset in Playoff history. It won't happen just throwing a possibility out there!. How good is it to see though the arguements about reseeding the Playoffs fall shot though. Because of the disaparity between the West and East many people including our own Don nelson thought it should be just a straight seeding from 1-16. Yet in the West seeds 6 through 8 are eliminated while Eastern those series are locked at 2-2. Only in the NBA!.

G6: (2) Detroit Pistons @ (7) Philadelphia 76ers (Pistons Lead 3-2)

This is one of those series that doesn't keep me on the edge of my seat. However you have to give credit to the Pistons a team constructed to stay with the Spurs as one of the great teams as this NBA. Then you have the Sixers with Thaddeus Young being a draft day steal, Dalembert being a huge shot block threat and Andre Miller is still effective. Then again with the Sixers I can't tell if they've.

:are an up-and-coming team
:just overachieved
:are simply benefiting big time by playing in the league's JV

Don't be surprised if an amped up Philly squad with nothing to lose steals this game and sends this series to a once unthinkable Game 7 with Detroit stealing this series

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