Friday, April 4, 2008

Golden State: 117 Memphis:86

The main strength of a playoff team is to bounce back in easy fashion right after they suffer a loss of any kind. Against Memphis a team obviously tanking a win isn't much to celebrate although this stage everyone is needed. It was essentially over at Halftime a much needed victory in the bag. Now the focus is on Dallas and Denver time to start praying they start losing otherwhise we get the unwanted appearance of watching TNT's gone fishing cards segment.


It's a pity this sort of energy wasn't bought every night especially during the Texas two step or the denver game. Having said that it's all in the past. From tip off the Warriors literally controlled the game taking a quick lead and gliding to a 117 – 86 victory. It was actually fun to see the bench contribute in so many ways.

Bench Without Pietrus they strolled. How exciting was it to see Marco Belinelli get his first real minutes of action. He clearly has bulked up since November and is playing aggressively, particularly when it comes to fighting through screens. There was one what the hell moment when he threw he ran down the side, lifted up and floated a long range fade-a-way 2 pointer that swished. He had an extremely prodcutive 13 points and shot 6-11 from the floor. If he works on his Defense a lot more this offseason he might be a useful addition.

It was also nice to see Brandon Wrightget a lot of burn. I've bene on the fence recently for claiming we didn't get much from the J-Rich trade but he showed just how many offensive moves he can deploy. From a sweet 14-foot jumper to a sweeping drive across the lane Wright may not yet able to stop the Duncans and Boozers's of this League but I would feel a lot more comfortable that him and Andris front him more so then Stephen Jackson.

CJ Watson may not be spectacular but tonight he provided useful backup minutes to Baron. He certainly wasn’t shy during garbage time and had no reason to be given his hot hand. With 9 points shooting 4 for 4, CJ had a nice spark off the bench allowing our starters like Baron and Jackson to sit out most of the 4th.

Monta Ellis The last two games Monta had two below par efforts. Tonight it was back to normal with a superhuman 8-12 effort from the field. His statline was nothing spectacular 19 points, 6 rebounds and 4 steals but it was his explosiveness that makes him so fun to watch. Easily the fastest player he dominated Mike Conley at bith ends of the floor. Sunday night is where he really needs to repeat this success helped by the minimal 31 minutes he played.

The Grizzlies There's tanking but with the way Memphis played tonight this bought it to a new level.To add salt to the wound, when we were up by 26 points in the third, Baron hustled for a steal during an inbound play and as he grabbed the ball Conley just stood there watching. No effort what so ever. Sometimes though you gotta take whats given to you. Biedrins was a large part of for tonights win putting up 21 and 17.

Kelenna: He took a turn as one of Nellie's undersized Power forwards and delivered a competent performance On offense, he opened up the court by hitting his early outside shots. The extra space allowed Monta and Andris more room to get to the rim. The rest is history. He's been quieter then normal the last couple of months but I think thats down to a contract situation and no one likes a second year player with bad Knees. It's great to see him back in early season form regardless.

Friday really just showed how another twist on the rollercoaster hasd been quite common this season. The depression to the Dallas loss wasn't overblown that was genuinely a important game for our playoff chances. Guranteed the Warriors have made a lot of mistakes and bad games this season but Memphis showed it could be much worse

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