Sunday, April 27, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Day 9

So how exactly did Atlanta pull off that win again? Are the Raptors and Chris Bosh done for the year, How exactly with so much potential talent are the Nuggets not avoiding getting swept?, Why is T-Mac destined not to get out of the 1st round is it a punishment for ignoring the Magic's plans for getting vince Carter so he could stay. Despite all the fire and star power on the bestcoast, I mean westcoast, it seems like we're seeing the same teams dominating night in, night out. Will this be re-runs of last season? We'll see...

G4)Cavaliers @ Wizards (Cavs lead series 2-1
Lebron is the type of player who can domiate when he wants to and how he wants to. The supposed DeShawn Stevenson-Lebron James "rivalry" no doubt will add fuel to Lebron's 5-alarm blaze throughout this opening series but I see the Cavs game 3 mishap evaporating hard as they take game 4.

(G4)Spurs @ Suns (Spurs lead series 3-0): The Suns are done but not tonight. Either Nash wakes out of his slump and has a big game or the Officals will ensure a game 4 for TV rating purposes. I'm gonna bet on the latter.

(G4)Pistons @ 76ers (76ers lead series 2-1 Maybe Detroit needed one game to adjust to Philly's crowd but I still see them finishing this off in 6. Reggie Evans shots will stop falling and we'll still have the title of greatest Playoff upset ever.

(G4)Hornets @ Mavs (Hornets lead series 2-1): Never mind Chris Paul and the inspirational so far postseason play the Mavs expereince will ensure no more Chris Paul alleyoops to Tyson Chandler. Dallas takes this one

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