Thursday, April 17, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Bracketology

It's time for the pretenders to go home (sadly that includes us) and the NBA's finest not including the Atlanta Hawks, Philadephia 76ers and Toronto Raptors to show us what the playoffs are all about. Over at Ballhype you have a chance to win an Ipod touch. Anyway here's my bracket

Western Conference

LA Lakers (1) vs Denver Nuggets (8)
The Nuggets are one of the best home teams in the League but are disasterous away which is why I can't see them stealing any game in LA. Then again Allen Iverson has the potential to steal a game (see the 01 NBA finals) but with a frontcourt of Odom and Gasol better then Martin and Camby the Lakers will be too strong

Lakers in 5

New Orleans Hornets (2) vs Dallas Mavericks (7)
The Dallas Mavericks drop from #1 seed to #7 seed is one of the more quiter stories of the offseason. Then again Miami's run from 2006 Champions to having the 1st pick of the 2008 NBA Draft shows parity is getting better in todays NBA. This should be one of the better series. CP3, David West, and Tyson Chandler have had great seasons and the Mavs look they're coming on strong and Dirk against Peja will be the matchup to watch reminscment of how the 2003 Western Conference Semi Finals went.

Mavericks in 6

San Antonio Spurs (3) vs Phoenix Suns (6)
It's been a strange season when both these teams match up in the 1st round. Never mind the fact both have Championship dreams the Suns want revenge for the unfair suspensions last season. Even though the Shaq-Marion trade is still open for discussion it does help them beat the Spurs and give Tim Duncan a lot of trouble. Only obstacle is to make sure Horry doesn't guard Nash

Suns in 7

Utah Jazz (4) vs Houston Rockets (5)
Tough matchup to watch. Nice to see Adelamn and his Rockets make it wihtout Yao Ming but they are first round material in a tough to wath series. Even the Warriors would make this series interesting. Oh well can't wait to hear another round of T-Mac exuses for his latest Playoff Failure.

Jazz in 5

Eastern Conference

Boston Celtics (1) vs Atlanta Hawks (8)
The Hawks are a very fun team to watch, but the Celtics are a very fun to watch and a very good team. The Hawks have veteran experience with Mike Bibby Boston have the big 3 which should make this is a pretty short series. I'll admit I'm pulling for the Hawks in the upset though.

Boston in 4

Detroit Pistons (2) vs Philadelphia 76ers (7)
I've always admired Joe Dumars for displaying stuborness and keeping the same Pistons unit together rather then rebuild the team something the clueless ESPN talking heads were advocating when the lost to the Cavs in the 2007 ECF. Never mind the fact they get to the Eastern Conference finals every year for some reason rebuilding was a common theme in Detroit last Summer. It didn't happen and the Pistons have 2nd best record in the East to show for it. Props to the Sixers though for over-achieving big time this season with the roster that Billy King assembled, but isn't getting due credit for putting together.

Detroit in 5

Orlando Magic (3) vs Toronto Raptors (6)
This is going to be a boring series guranteed. Other then Dwight Howard posting up 20-20 every night what else is there to talk about other then if Toronto were out West they would be thinking about summer plans. More boring then the Utah-Houston series no doubt.

Cleveland Cavaliers (4) vs Washington Wizards (5)

Don't look know, but this is one of the league's best rivalries. This will be the 3rd straight time these two teams have squared off in the opening round. It all comes down to DeShawn Stevenson vs the "overrated" LeBron James. Okay, I'm joking. It comes down to how quickly Gilbert Arenas can return to his superstar form of 2007. Shout out to former Warrior Antawn Jamison who just wrapped up a mighty fine 21-10 campaign. This should make for the most entertaining 1st round series in the East.

Cavs in 7

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