Thursday, April 10, 2008

Golden State V Denver Preview


This is the most important game of the season. Forget what I said about the Dallas game of the San Antonio or anything in between. Hopefully this is a game where our unsusally quite crowd lives up to the occassion it did against Dallas. Whenver Iverosn leads a fastbreak chant Defense as loud as possible. When the Warriors roll through the tunnel, get the "Lets Go Warriors" chants started and don't stop making noise until the final buzzer. You know how big the game is. You know what to do.

Scenario Essentially the scenario for the Warriors tonight is this. A win would put them 1 ahead of the Nuggets with 3 games left to play two of them against lottery bound opposition but lets not get ahead of ourselves. A dreaded loss would mean disaster because with Denver owning all tiebreakers a loss essentially puts them 2 games behind the Nuggets with 3 to play. A mini miracle would be required for the Warriors to return to the postseason once again.

Defense No point chanting defense because neither George Karl or Don Nelson are defensive minded coaches. It's merely a matter of just whick makes their shots the most. If in the event both teams decide it's worth playing just a little bit of defense they'll win. However if both consider Defense is important and play it very well pigs fly.

Carmelo Anthony He's shot an incredible 49-72 the last 3 games and averaging 40 points. He could and probably will do that tonight but he needs to work on his eloucution jusging by this quote.

"It's got to be like that Thursday," the 6-foot-8 forward said. "I've got confidence it will be like that Thursday. It's a big game for us. Do I believe we have to win? No. But it's a must-win for us."


Team This is going to take an all out team effort. Not just Baron and Monta. Beans is going to have to rebound like crazy. Al is going to have to rebound and hit his jumpers. Jax is going to have to step up his game and play big like we all know he can. Pietrus needs to play all out and bring his energy. And whoever else from the bench can give quality minutes needs to do so. Whether that's Brandan, CJ, Kelenna, POB, Barnes, or Croshere, someone is going to have to step up. If we win, 2 of those guys will have made a significant contribution.

Anthony is the Warrior killer
Baron Davis and Monta combine for 55
Azubuike is money off the bench
Warriors by 4

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