Thursday, April 17, 2008

Seattle: 126 Golden State: 121

With that the Golden State Warriors season comes to an inglorious end. Foruntately this game was completely meaningless but it did indeed expose Mullin, Davis and Nelson the three engines behind the 48 win season as possible underachievers and they've now lost to a bunch of teams they once considered peers. With the Blazers, Clippers, Kings and even Sonics improving in a hurry, the 08-09 season doesn’t look like it’s going to be any prettier. There’s no denying the fun we’ve had this year, but now it’s time for the reckoning.


Should I come back with a cheap Owner and bad Front Office?

My game notes

Durrant He's gonna be a superstar very soon. He reminded me of Brandan Wright with his Silky jumper and silky smooth handles and he seemed to have more desire. A definite All Star in 2-3 seasons

Jeff Green Another post player who killed us. His handles looked pretty good and he exploded to the rim several times. His behind the back pass in the low post was CWebb-esque but all this was helped by our non existant D.

Marco Belinelli Even though he had a nice 17 point game his shot selection is horrendous and he is the worst Defender on the Roster (saying a lot). Despite the stats I would love to have seen more from Azubuike a guy who's earned his way on the Roster, outplayed Marco in Summer League and beat him for a backup spot.

Defense No Defense tonight much like the 2007-2008 stretch. Yes the game was meaningless but it was laughable seeing the big 3 Baron Davis, Monta Ellis and Stephen Jackson not even try. If nominations for the Defensive player came in all 3 combined would be next to last.

Biedrins Walked awaway with 20 and 17 but he looked as soft as those charming Toilet Roles. Biedrins walked away with a nice gaudy stat line, but there's two things I'll remember from this game all offseason. When a Sonic wingman was driving to the hole (unguarded of course) Biedrins tried to slide underneath him late and take a charge which was rightfully whistled for a blocking foul. Biedrins had a nice look at the basket and instead of forcefully dunking over a smaller Sonic, elected to fade away and miss an easy 2 inches away from the bucket. Soft all out.

Since we’re officially in the off-season just to get the ball rolling I’ll start at the top of the Warriors and work my way down as they key players in the offseason:

Chris mullin when Mullin started I can't think of a GM who will be remembered more for bad contracts then anyone else see Fisher or Foyle's as he immediately overvalued his teams return to the Playoffs Mullin did a great job getting the Warriors back to a reasonable cap position with the Dunleavy / Murphy trade. The Richardson trade although I could debate the J-Rich trade all day long. Even the Pietrus and Barnes situation he forced them to sign on contracts that were reduced when in the past he would have handed over the cash straight away no questions answered. Unfortunately the free agents acquired show's he's been too uptight Croshere, Hudson) and totally untested youngsters (Azubuike, Wright, Belinelli, Lasme, Perovic, O’Bryant). Perhaps he overestimated the bench but in the end Barnes who only had one decent season and Pietrus (enough said) didn't provide any depth. It was a cheap offseason but in the end didn't solve the riddle.

Don Nelson Nelson had two options when this roster was assembled 1) play those 5 as much as possible and hope that it would be enough to get him to the playoffs or (2) gamble with the rest of his roster and hope to stumble upon contributors somewhere in the mix. In the end even though I was vocal in the fact he didn't play Brandon wright at all he did have an 0-6 start and was faced with immediate pressure to play the big 3 as much as possible. The team spent two months trying to get back in the Playoff hunt and succeeded. Rather then play the bench the starters were left on the floor and then blew a 15 point lead forcing the same panicked finishes that would have occurred under the worst case scenario of a bench collaps. In the end the Warriors emerged with 48 wins but a physically hurt team that wouldn't have made any noise in the playoffs.

Webber experiment This was one of the stories of the season and even though on the court it failed the fact him and Nelson reunited gives hope to any ongoing fueds see Marcus Allen and Al Davis.

Chris Webber comes back

Webber reunited with Nellie?
Webber likely to become a Warrior tommorow
Webber signs with Golden State
He retires end of an era

Season of giving In an a age where atheletes being charged for misdeamonours is celebrated by the media lets not ignore the countless wonderful things the Warriors have done off the court to the underpriveliged etc

Stephen Jackson Basketball Court Unveilved At Omega Boys Club In San Francisco
Baron Davis And Dan Haren Host Local Community Group At A’s Game
Season of Giving
Stephen Jackson Hometown Hero
Warriors Host Silence The Violence Rally, Sponsored By Colliers International
Stephen Jackson Receives March NBA Community Assist Award

Counting Big W's
Don't ever forget these wins:
Warriors 123 Wizards 115
Warriors 100 Sixers 98
Warriors 129 Phoenix 114
Warriors 120 Heat 113
Warriors 96 Spurs 84
Warriors 108 Lakers 106
Warriors 105 Denver 95
Warriors 130 Spurs 121
Warriors 121 Nets 119
Warriors 115 Hornets 103
Warriors 120 Wizards 117
Warriors 120 Suns 118
Warriors 119 Celtics 117
Warriors 115 Lakers 111

As Snoop and Kels would say THAT'S THAT. It's an odd ending to what was mostly a fun season but overall still a HUGE disappointment. When the Warriors ended last year with a Game 5 loss in the playoffs to the Jazz, we all thought"This is just the beginning."

Sadly we couldn't have been anymore wrong. But I guess that's what happens when you follow a season that was sparked with a brilliant trade that the mastermind Nellie shaped into the improbable fastest starting 5 ever assembled (Baron, Monta, J-Rich, Stephen, and Al- you know the t-shirt!) with a cheap move that turned out to be a complete disaster in year 1 and deprived us all of a thrilling spring of We Believe 2.0 in the Bay.

Almost a year later we're back to where we started with this team. Back in the lottery and with even more dismal prospects of returning to the promised land (meaning 1st round of the playoffs) next year and beyond. The West is only going to get tougher next season with what should be improved teams like the TrailBlazers (the biggity biggity O), the Clips (Thornton + Brand + Kaman = Nice), and the Kings (they should be healthier and who knows? Artest might actually stay). If there's one thing that this season proved, it's that this current front office mindset and roster just isn't going to get it done. Major changes need to be made or else we could be looking at a team that's just fighting to make the 9th or 10th spot in the loaded Western Conference when it's all said and done in April 2009.

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