Monday, December 31, 2007

Game summaries

Finally back from longer then expected stint in Southern California. Despite the delays and unexpected storm Los Angeles is some place to visit even though it's Laker county. Anyway I'll rite up a quick summary for the ones I missed I'll link you to the boxscore as in most cases the numbers do the talking.

Game 1: Golden State: 112 Houston:95

Despite the refs and Nelsons ejection a nice road win was pulled out here. It seemed virtually the Rockets game at the start of the 4th but for once Team Defense ( Baron had a couple steals and blocks) Monta pulling a nice layup over Yao and finishing with 20 points, 6 rebounds, and shooting 8 for 11, Baron dominating Rafaer Alston and making the injury talk premature with 23 points, 6 rebounds, and 7 assists. His Defense was the key to pulling away and the 3 point shooting by Captain Jack, Al etc gave us a very nice new years eve party.

Game 2: Dallas 121 Golden State:99

What the heck happenned here. Ther Warriors consistently showed their pride to the Basketball world that they contained MVP Dirk Nowitzki to his worst playoff series in a long while. This was a game where not only did Dirk deleiver a big game the entire team of Dallas seemingly averaged 10 or more points in this game. Dampier, Stackhouse, Devin the Flopper Harris all of them delivered big performances. Baron had a lackluster performance but I'd rather this happenned rather then the injury part. At least Harrington delivered a big game but other then that this was a forget it move on game.

Golden State: 130 San Antonio: 121

Everyone traditionally knows just how much the Spurs own us. And yet despite a combination of factors such as a horrendous Shot Selection, the lack of rotation the Northern Californian storm and Tim Duncan going crazy 32 and 13 inside Golden State pulled this out in OT. As expected the usual suspects had the big game but to see Air France go 5-9 with all the trade talk surronding him is a big bonus. He crashed the boards getting 6 which doesn't sound like an awful lot but his hustle in fast breaks and in the lane is noticeable. The player who was least expected to make an impact is making one. The bench had a major contribution Kelenna going 7-7 and Biedrins whose game is quietly polishing holding his own against Timmy d. Lastly the clutchness of Jackson and Davis making big shots when they counted meant the San Antonio curse could be over.

Portland: 109 Golden State: 91

Garbage game garbage performance. Coming off the Spurs big game win you think the energy levels would be big but sadly they came out flat and the fans who bothered to travel were subjected to 23 minutes of Croshere displaying his awfulness. Once again it wasn't a case of Nelson being outcaoched but Portland displaying their strengths by half court sets using pick and rolls, post ups and three pointers. The scored on fast breaks and also used their size advantage with Aldridge and Przybilla to get easy buckets. No one put a body on Blake but Jackson really killed Golden State tonight with his 1-6 shooting and his lack of captaincy moaning to the refs rather then not getting back on D isn't going to help you. Maybe this accounted for the lack of Defense overall as a team 32 assists on 40 made field goals is a shocking stat. A few positives were C.J Watson (more later) make a nice contribution off the bench and Marco and B. Wright get some invaluable PT but other then that this loss was depressingly awful

And lastly it looks like the long wait for a backup PG is over. Mullin used his NBDL knowledge to find CJ Watson from the Rio Grande Valley Vipers. He's supossed to be on a 10 day contract but it might not be a bad idea to extend it further.

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