Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Golden State: 120 Milwaukee:90

Tonight the Warriors barely had to worry about their winless streak at the Oracle against an Eastern Conference team as tonight the Bucks barely showed up giving Golden State an easy victory the perfect way to face the Heat on Friday.


Before I start croshere. Seriosuly I can't believe in the Offseason how low I was on this guy but he brings the intangibilles i love in a basketball player hustle, hustle oh and Outside shots. He chipped in with 11 points and made a difference. Either that or the Bucks are just that bad. I'm thinking it's the latter. this was a true case of Golden State dominating from start to finish. Our team D is something to behold at the moment there was 16 steals and 6 blocks and in my 5 years of watching Warrior Basketball I can safely say this is the best Defensive team for a long time. Nellieball and Defense don't go hand in hand but I guess as of now it is. Coming off a 9-40 night from downtown against the Magic tonight the dubs brought their shooting game an overall 66% ridiculous/ In fact they only missed one Free Throw which I'm willing to wager will be our best night from the charity stripe in a long while. Jackson and davis got some well earned rest benefical to the tasks that lie ahead against the Heat, Lakers and Spurs but both didn't really need to play against the quality of oppossition.

Players that deserve a shoutout. Well Kelenna goes top of the list with 16 points and shooting 6-8. A nice way to contribute espeically after his quiet display after the Magic game. DJ Mbenga yes you read correctly. I haven't been so high on the guy because of his limited offensive capabilites but tonight he was efficent on the boards 7 in 13 minutes and is proving to be adapt to the challenge of winning more minutes. With the physical Frontcourt of Miami a Rebounder in the Heat game would be nice hopefully he can step it up and provide this role. Monta played solid with 11 but his rebounding is the drastic improvement surpsingly. He's playing much more aggressive on the boards nice to see. His dunk on Bogut was sick and when it eventually comes up on Youtube I'll post it here

And Yi. i like his midrange game. He din't play sepctaculary as his 9 points showed but he's got the tools to emulate an other certain Center from China and his D is pretty good. He seems happy enough in Milwaukee and I can't believe there was talk of him not wanting to play there because of the low number of Chinese people but he seems steadily efficent. Can't wait to see more off him.

Update Monta Ellis dunk on Bogut.
Thanks to nes1us for the assist

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