Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Golden State 108: New york 82

Like it or not this win is probably the easiest we'll get on our road trip yes the Knicks are just that bad. The Warriors were dominant from start to finish and it cobined with a beautiful performanc from Baron Davis 31 points who dominated starburry and just made the boos even louder.


First off i can sympathise with the Knicks crowd after they endlessy booed the Knicks. They were pathetic. Despite having a 52-36 rebounding edge they committed a horrifying 29 tunrovers and at large stages it was easy to see how they've lost 8 in a row. On the other hand maybe it was the team defense. I'd never thought I'd say this but Pietrus actually did a terrific job at the 4 spot/ Despite giving up a ton of pounds to Randolph both the out of shape and selfish player every Basketball team would hate 4 steals succesfully. Also check out the rest of Defensive stats steals). Stephen Jackson (3 picks and 2 blocks), Baron Davis (2 steals and 1 block), Kelenna Azubuike (2 steals and 1 big swat), Andris Biedrins (3 picks), Monta Ellis (2 steals and 1 block), and Al Harrington (1 steal. I'd never thought it was possible but we held a team to under 100 points. The main achievment of this win no doubt.

Al Harrington and Biedrins both had horrible games but i can live with that because it means people like Jackson stepped up even more and delivered us the W a prequisite for a playoff contender. It will be even interesting tonight to see how they figure against the one and only K.G. As i expected tonight the Knicks killed us on the boards and our Free throw 63% percentage was mediocre but to get a W out of this is pretty good. And also my pregame perdiction in which I said the Knicks would outscore us by a lot in the pain looks even more silly when you consider the Kicks only did marginally better then the Dun-Murphy show in Indiana. Randolph had a big gme but seriously the selfishness and the out of shape Eddy Curry really means this is the prime reason for the Knicks struggles. The last thing to point out new Warrior DJ Mbenga unfairly got more playing time then Lasme and despite missing an open dunk ala Adonal Foyle he did get his first Layup on a fast break. He looked out of shape and hardly a valuable addition.

Nelson not only outcoached his former team he put even more pressure on Isiah

Overall a delightful win slightly marred by Brandon Wright not playing and a perfect way to preapre for tonights game against Boston.

Update: Thanks to Bogleg for posting these highlights on youtube.

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