Saturday, December 29, 2007

Troy Hudson's Career done

According to Inside Bay Area it looks like Troy Hudson's career is done. Geoff Lepper reports.

Warriors reserve point guard Troy Hudson told BANG-East Bay on Friday that his injured left hip requires arthroscopic surgery, a move that threatens to bring his first season with Golden State to a premature end.

Hudson said he will undergo surgery shortly after Jan.1 to repair a small tear in the labrum of his left hip. The exact date and choice of surgeon have yet to be finalized because some offices have been closed for the holiday season.

The typical recovery time for such a procedure is three to four months, Hudson said, which would put him on the shelf at least until the first week of April, when only two weeks remain in the NBA's regular season.

Troy beats the Lakers

My thoughts as follows

: What a wasted move. In all honesty even when we signed T-Hud and Croshere I didn't feel both could make any impact whatsoever and right now sadly I've been proven right. Hudson has never looked comfortable being backup at the point and held us back offensively. Still he gave it his best and effortwise you can't fault him he just never was meant to be a backup PG. Best of luck in the future.

: Since his NBA career is more then likely over will he concentrate on his Rap game and the awful 79 sales his album generated?. Perhaps becuause there's no doubt he has skill.

He's got skill

: Right now the next few weeks will test Mullin and Robert Powells skill in the Front Office. The Warriors are comfortably over 500 but they are still one game in front of their arch nemisis the Utah Jazz. This really is a issue that has to be solved whether it's a Luke Ridnour signing or a Ron Artest pickup Golden State don't have depth. If they don't make a move which I'm sure won't happen Golden State won't make the playoffs. Even Utah made a big move yesterday

Update: Has the search for a backup at the point finally come to and end. According to the Miami Herald the Warriors along with the Cavs, Celtics and Rockets would be interested in Smush. Scroll down to potential moves. All I can say is he wouldn't be any sort of upgrade over T-Hud and most Laker fans will tell you just how erratic and much of a woeful Shooter he was. I don't think this story is true one bit because while Mullin has a history of giving out bad contracts even he wouldn't reach the Smush Parker desperation point. Aside from one or two contempt games against the Suns in the Playoffs he's not the ball distributor we would need at backup. I'll pass

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