Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Mullin era

When Mullin took over the team around 2004 I think it's fair to say most Warrior fans didn't have a clue what he'd be like as GM. Most NBA players don't convert well to the business or coaching side of the NBA Magic Johnsons short coaching stint with the Lakers or Danny Ferry's imcopetent job with the Cav's being two obvious prime examples. It didn't help that at the start he made some dodgy decisions such as giving Foyle, Dunleavy or Murphy ridiculous contracts. Now that these three and Jason Richardson have now been offloaded the Garry St jean era is now well and truly over.

courtesy of ESPN
His best move.

Mullin has also made the mistake of the coaching side of the ball before Nellie. Unfortunately Mike montgomery was judged to be the best man after the Stanfford cardinals had a magic season the year before but turned out to be a complete bust with Baron Davis infamously giving up on him . Mullin lied several times about his confidence in Monty coming back but revaluated his position because he knew Monty wasn't the best man for the job. Good job there because as we all now Nellie came back and made up for the 1994 gaffle with Chris Webber by taking us to the playoffs or the promised land. He's able to stray the Media from the big story got to love that

He's also done a good job with players. He let Matt barnes test the Free agant market and Barnes comes back cheaper. Pietrus was the same and now he's starting at PF for the opening game suppossedly. Who will forget that trade with Baron Davis and unloading Speedy Claxton arguably one of the more loopsided trades as Claxton has fladed into oblivion with the Atlanta Hawks and Davis proved money in the playoffs. He might have gone after Ron Artest a little harder when he was available because imaging a trio of Davis, J-Rich and Artest flying down the court would have been amazing to watch but judging by the way Artest has given up on the Kings maybe it's not so bad. He even had us dreaming of a K.G deal during the summer which sadly never materialised.

One of his draft day successes?

Mullins drafts have been up and down. Ike diagou was a wasted pick and didn't fit in the system whatsoever. The jury is still out on P.O.B but to his credit he must have known some insight information on Brandon Wright that we didn't to replace J-Rich. Hopefully Marco can turn into something special because then Mullin looks like a genius even though the media will atill say it's Nellies influence. Either way I think our future is in safe hands much more so then under this guy.

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