Friday, November 23, 2007

Mullin becoming the new Knicks GM?

Me the new Knicks GM no way

It could be typical New York Tabloids rumour but is there any sort of validity in what the new York post claimed today about Mullin ready to become the Knicks GM as soon as Isiah Thomas leaves.

November 23, 2007 -- Golden State GM Chris Mullin is expected to emerge as a top candidate for the Knicks GM job if Isiah Thomas eventually is fired from his dual role as coach and president, The Post has learned.

Now while this is the same sort of paper that started all the A-Rod rumours but anyway first off even the most diehard Mullin fan cannot deny the ineptness he has displayed as Warriors GM. Bust Picks such as Ike diagou, Chris Taft, Stephane Lasme, Zarko Caparkapa (spelling) would be frowned upon harshly by the New York media never mind Knicks fans. Added to the fact he signed DunMuprhy and Foyle to ridiculous contract extension and say if thid happenned in New York the media would go wild never mind the Knicks fans. The spotlight on this team compared to the bay Area where we're a little more relaxed about our sports means I seriously can't Mullin taking this job.The contrast of pressures would be too much.

And seriously the Knicks themselves wouldn't be interested. Mullin has one year left on his contract and despite Cohan and his tax difficulties i can't imagine the worst owner in Sports suddenly wanting an GM to suddenly bolt away to the big apple. Then again the Knicks owner Jim Dolan isn't the sharpest tool in the box so maybe this rumour does have truth to it.

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