Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Artest a Rocket

ESPN have reported Ron Artest has been traded to the Rockets for Bobby Jackson, Donte Green and a 2009 number 1 Draft pick. Artest was a guy that to this day I feel the Warriors should have pursued more heavily especially when he was available before the trade deadline but sadly was ignored as the common mistake of sititng lazily and the webber acqusition meant the Warriors would have ahard time getting back to the Playoffs. Throw in the addition of Brent Barry to spread the floor and Houston, if healthy, might be a top three team in the West meaning it will be another team the Warriors will find it difficult to beat.

Since being promoted to head GM in May of 2007,the Rockets GM Darly Morely hired Rick Adelman as coach, traded second round pick Sasha Kaun for second rounder Carl Landry, traded Vassilis Spanoulis and a future second rounder for Luis Scola, signed Dikembe Mutombo, extended Luther Head, signed Brent Barry and traded for ron Artest while giving away Donte Green who will turn out to be a decent player whilst adding 2 million in salary cap.

Even though this has been a C+ offseason it seems the Houston Rockets are now one of the teams the Warriors could learn from when trying to rebuild for a better future

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