Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kings:94 Warriors:91

Warriors dropped their first Summer League loss last night with a tough 3 point loss to their Northern California rivals the Sacramento Kings. Quincy Douby finished an impressive week with a huge 36 point game. For the Warriors CJ Watson had 24 points and bounced back from his first two unimpressive performances making 8-18 from the floor

Ws and Ls are meaningless in any NBA summer league. Player performance is a little more valuable but never an indication of future success. It's not so much about answering questions regarding a player as it is gathering information to input into a longer equation that will spit out the answer (opening night roster) by the end of the offseason.


Whilst scrawling over the boxscore there are a few notes to take from this. Here are a few nuggets of info that stuck out for me:

: Pending Roster moves I don't see many Training Camp invitees from this group. Nelson has a shot baring the Warriors don't bring back Kelenna and perhaps Amundson but the rest seem to be potentially gone.

: Over the last two games CJ's performance at the Point stuck out because of his Defense and scoring. Quick enough to get into the paint and make plays. The Warriors appear set at PG, but Watson deserves a long look and may give the front office a little more flexibility when trying to construct other deals this summer. Then again I have a hard time seeing him as more than a 10th or 11th guy at the moment.

: Where was Marco. His ball handling, leadership and Defense were really missing tonight as was his shooting a miserable 1-11. He has the Stephen Jackson streaky shooting laid on him but over the last couple of games at least he's tried to add some veteran pressence cheering on guys, barking instructions, and generally running the show while he’s on the court. Great to see one of our youngsters taking responsibility.

: De Marcus Nelson is the biggest intriguing factor during this years Summer League. I think his biggest obstacle is not just his minutes 5.3 points in 10 minutes but his size 6'1 which is too small for a guy who wants to play Shooting Guard. That said, his other combine numbers are pretty amazing…actually, he seems to be an athletic freak. Bench pressed the same as Joey Dorsey, 38.5″ vertical, had a good shooting percentage in college and nice rebounding numbers for a G.

: Alas the Brandon Wright that we've witnesses in the Summer League games has been a listless version. Sometimes he appears way too passive like he was tonight He hasn’t been bad — he’s made consistently solid defensive plays and had a few nice jumpers or jams — but there are long stretches when he’s in the game an no one notices him. His lack of strength combined with a lack of speed and explosivness means he's underachieved the most out of this roster in this years Summer League.

This years Summer League isn't over just yet with one more game remaining against the Toronto Raptors but for the front Office that serves as a distraction. With Turiaf officially joning Golden State and with Monta and Biedrins waiting on new extensions it would not be a stretch to say that for once most of the attention is being focussed off the court rather then on it

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