Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Warriors V Bobcats Preview Vegas 08

Never mind Anthony Randolph following his spectacular opening debut of 30 points and then following it with a pedestrian effort of 11 points and 5 rebounds. It's only two games but I'm concerned at his turnovers with a woeful in 9 in two games being the most negative stat by far on his boxscores. Obviously even Summer League play might be of a higher quality then what he faced with the LSU Tigers but come the 08-09 season he's in for a benching should the TO's rise.

Marco has retained the Summer League performances or last year. I liked the fact his ball handling skills have gone up even though it's hard to imagine him bringing the ball up court without a little cringing. He is making the more obvious passes but I think it still is a step since he makes better decisions with the ball rather than just looking to shoot the ball every time he gets it.

CJ has been the biggest dissapointment so far it's his horrible assist stat just 6 in two games isn't what the backup PG is there for. Having said that he and the rest of the Warriors roster faces a Bobcats team that has little to showcase aside from DJ Augustin. With J-Rich on his Summer holidays (former Warrior for a couple of minutes) Jermareo Davidson might have some motivation to post big numbers on the team that traded him but I think it's a safe bet that won't happen

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