Monday, July 7, 2008

The Free Agents the Warriors should go after

With Baron gone there are obvious needs the Warriors Front Office needs to consider as they approach a critical Free agency period. What they do with it is indicative of how this team goes forward in the future. Sign a Elton Brand type of player (unlikely at the minute) and it shows that they wish to attempt and become a Playoff team if not contenders. Sign a cheap backup PG and it shows they wish to just be a Lottery team and in 2010 go after the best Free Agents available. Of course in theory one hopes that Mullin doesn't overpay anyone on the market so he can get Ellis and Biedrins the deals they crave. Aside from a contract glitch with Monta (nothing major) both deals should get done. Anyway moving on

James Posey

Obviously he's likely to stay in Boston and add to his already impressive ring collection but I can see him being useful to Golden State for defensive purposes. He's oversized at 6'8 for a Shooting Guard but he's not afraid to defend the oppositions main offensive threat. I love his constant effort on both ends of the floor while consistently hitting three-pointers of his own, thus spreading the floor for his teammates. Considering our lack of Defense this season it might be worth making an offer especially with the rumours the Celtics are going after Maggette.

Elton Brand

Obviously tommorow when he is 90% sure to announce his decision to stay in LA (will Plaschke get credit)but if he does wish to abandon the Clippers just getting a 20 and 10 guy would be big for the Warriors. Knowing Nelson the liklihood of seeing Brand at center increases everyday but his low post Defense is the best on the Warriors (not saying an awful lot). On the other hand if the Brand deal goes through the question remains does the injury he had for most of last season affect his mobility?. Signing a guy of Brands stature would be huge but at the same time raises new questions. Havig said that everything else screams max player, especially for the Warriors

Josh smith

Knowing Nelson he could find a million ways to use Smith. And just reading about Smith his athletiscm thats slightly underused in a Halfcourt system with Atlanta with flourish playing with youngsters and a much quicker tempo. Having said like Brand he wouldn't put the Warriors in playoff contention but unlike Brand I'd love to see his Defense and so called toughness added to the Roster.

Shaun Livingston

Okay this is a guy the Warriors wouldn't go after unless they were really desperate to get a starting Guard considering his knee was broken into about twelve different pieces two years ago. Then again how many Guards are 6'7 and 22 years of age?. For a team with a short backcourt he could be an interesting piece to add to the puzzle.

Andre Igoudala

I would love Andre but it depends on how closely the Sixers go after this guy, Andris and Josh Smith. He has experience, size and Defense as well as a khow to win attitude. As well as playing in Philadelphia where he is mentally tough (an attribute neccessary if you're playing there). I don't see him improving the Warriors drastically much like Josh Smith but I would go after him just for his defense. Loves to guard the Superstar tight sort of guy. The 76ers wouldn't let him go here simply because the Warriors don't have anyone to offer but his talent cobined with the youngsters peaking means this possible acqusition could be the most interesting on the list.. His ball movement, rebounding, and running would work well with the youngsters as well as his talent which would peak with the rest of our youngsters in a few years

James Jones Okay it's difficult to see the Warriors making any offer for him but considering the guy is a 44% 3 point shooter from last season he might be someone the Warriors could consider. He's been the odd man out in Portland and Phoenix and defensively he's lacking unlike some of the other people mentioned here but at 6'8" and 27 years old, he's someone Golden State should consider.

Josh Childress

I've been a fan of Childress since his Stanford days and I honestly believe should Atlanta choose to retain Josh Smiths services Childress will probably be on the market. He's underrated as both a shooter and a defensive player, I think he's a slight upgrade over Pietrus and a perfect fit at the 3 if signed at the MLE. Under Nelsons style there is a slight chance he could break out much in the way the Matt Barnes of 06-07 did or the Stephen Jackson of 07-08

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TJ said...

Livingston would be an awesome idea if he's healthy. Clips didn't give him a qualifying offer so he's unrestricted, but rumor also has it that he is LIGHT YEARS away from basketball fitness and health.